What truly makes the college unique is our vision for each student to be engaged in the creation of new pedagogy, examination, and dissemination of contemporary research and scholarship on pressing issues, or ideas in the fields they serve. Your donation, no matter the size, will help provide the margin of excellence that cannot be reached by state funding alone. Contributions from friends and alumni are a critical piece in helping to move forward key priority initiatives. Gifts to the College of Education assist with:

  • Recruitment of outstanding students and faculty,
  • Provision of cutting-edge research opportunities, and
  • Scholarships to students that will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Every donation counts. Invest in education by contributing to the growth of the College of Education today.


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Invest in Education

Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash

By supporting the unrestricted fund with a cash contribution, individuals impact the future of the college and become active participants in its evolution and advancement. Donors can take pride in each accomplishment of the school on the way to becoming a Top Tier Institution.

Unrestricted gifts are used by the College of Education to support several important areas. Your participation is as important as the amount you give. Alumni giving is one factor used in many national and international rankings and is an indication of alumni confidence in the direction of the institution.

Planned Gifts

A planned gift can be extremely flexible, include many tax advantages, and provide you with reliable lifetime income while ultimately directing valuable resources to the College of Education. Donors can choose to develop a philanthropic plan that will ensure a secure future for the College of Education and its students through a bequest or other planned giving vehicles. By including the college in retirement and estate plans, donors can diminish tax burdens while supporting students, faculty, and other initiatives.

Ways to Make a Planned Gift

Sometimes it's difficult to be as charitable as you want to be when your budget is tight and the future is uncertain - after all, your family comes first. But by utilizing your long-term plans, you can make a gift to the College of Education that will benefit our future without affecting your income today. Here are three ways to make your gift:

A gift in your will or revocable living trust.

Known as a bequest, this form of giving is accomplished simply by including a few sentences in your will or living trust. If you've already created your will, your estate planning attorney can easily make an amendment to your will, called a codicil.

A gift of a percentage of your retirement plan assets.

One of the most tax-wise ways to support our mission after your lifetime is to name the UNLV College of Education as the primary or contingent beneficiary of a portion of your retirement plan. (The portion that you leave to family members could eventually be taxed at rates up to 39.6 percent, and even higher if estate taxes are assessed, whereas charitable organizations receive your gift without owing taxes.)

A gift of a percentage of your life insurance death benefits.
You already know you can use life insurance to make sure your family is financially secure if anything should happen to you. But did you know you can meet this goal while also using a portion of your policy to benefit our work?

Consider naming the UNLV College of Education as a partial beneficiary for a percentage of your policy, while retaining ownership of the policy (and thus the right to change the beneficiary designation at any time during your life). For example, you might consider designating 90 percent of the death benefit to your family and the remaining percentage to the College of Education.

Matching Gifts

Your gift to UNLV is a demonstration of your commitment to the College of Education. But did you know that your employer may share these same values? Many companies offer employees - and sometimes spouses and retirees - a matching gift benefit that doubles or triples their donations to UNLV. In fact, last year, local and national companies made matching gift donations through the UNLV Foundation totaling more than $60,000.

To find out if your company will match your gift to UNLV, search our online database for matching gift details.

Companies have various methods by which you can submit your matching gift request: online forms, automated phone systems, or paper forms. Please visit your human resources office to learn more about how your company can match your gift to UNLV.

Endowed Gifts

Endowments at the College of Education are sound investments in a bright future. With an endowed gift, donors provide permanent support for the college. The donor's gift is invested - never spent - and each year a partial distribution of the earnings is made to the chosen program or area. Investment earnings not distributed help the endowment value grow over time, to keep pace with inflation and maintain the endowment's spending power.

Donors may take up to five years to fund an endowment, and once it is officially established, may continue to add to its principle at any time. With the opportunity to select the title of the endowment, donors can forever link their name, or that of a family member, friend or organization, to scholarly excellence at the College of Education.