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Travel Program

The travel program assists with and reimburses the costs associated with official UNLV business travel.

Approval/Reimbursement Process and Eligibility

Faculty, staff, and students should follow this procedure when arranging travel:

  • Complete a spend authorization in Workday
  • Upon supervisor approval, book travel using a university-issued PCard
  • Once travel is completed, submit an expense report documenting all university-incurred expenses in Workday within 15 days
    • Travelers must complete an expense report even if they do not require reimbursement.
    • Use the Workday Job aids for step-by-step directions on submitting Spend Authorizations and Expense Reports.
  • Employee expense reimbursements are disbursed electronically through Direct Deposit (EFT).
  • Student academic travel should be processed through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

Without documented travel approval through a spend authorization or written correspondence, employees may be responsible for travel costs.

Eligible travelers include:

  • Academic and administrative faculty
    • Check your individual department guidelines for specific descriptions.
  • Classified staff
  • Registered volunteers (individuals who perform a service directly related to UNLV business without the expectation of monetary or material compensation)
  • Students (must be enrolled at the time of travel)
  • Candidates (potential employees and students)
  • Invited guests/independent service providers

A travel cash advance assists individual travelers with out-of-pocket expenses for meals while in travel status.

Eligible Travel Expenses

  • Defined as two or more people traveling to the same destination for the same purpose. Team travel has a designated leader who is responsible for trip expenses for the entire group. They submit one spend authorization and expense reimbursement in the team leader’s name.
  • Travel roster
    • A travel roster must be included with spend authorization and Expense Reimbursement.
    • Travel Roster must include:
      • Name of travelers
      • Travel affiliation with the university (e.g., student, employee title, volunteer, donor, etc.)
  • Eligible travel costs include:
    • Airfare: Coach/economy class only
    • Baggage: See baggage allowance policy for guidelines and restrictions.
    • Car rental: See car rental policy for guidelines and restrictions.
    • Lodging: See lodging policy page for guidelines and restrictions.
    • Meal Per Diem: See the meal per diem page for guidelines and restrictions. Per diem does not apply to hosted meals provided to and/or not paid for by the traveler.
    • Mileage: Including costs associated with travel to and from the airport. See mileage reimbursement policy for guidelines and restrictions.
    • Ground transportation
    • Conference/registration fees

  • Invited guests are defined as those who travel for the university for business purposes. Sponsoring department head must approve costs before travel arrangements are made. Costs should be paid for with a PCard. Contact Accounts Payable when an exception is necessary. Costs covered for guest travel could include:
    • Airfare
    • Baggage
    • Host meals
    • Lodging: See lodging policy page for guidelines and restrictions.
    • Ground transportation, including taxi, rideshare, or shuttle fees.
    • Vehicle rental and use of state contracts may not be extended to a guest.
  • A letter of invitation to the guest and a Hosting Explanation Form must be included with Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) for traveler reimbursement.
  • Hosted meals must be identified in PCard verification and include a host explanation form.

  • Volunteers must register as a volunteer.
    • Airfare
    • Baggage
    • Host meals
    • Lodging
    • Registration fees
    • Ground transportation, including taxi or shuttle fees
    • Volunteers are held to the same travel allowances and restrictions as university employees

  • Annual fees for personal charge or credit cards
  • Airline "Early Bird" check in fees
  • Baby-sitting
  • Credit card delinquency fees / finance charges / annual charges
  • Ground Transportation Optional Upgrades such as expedited service, priority pickup, and membership or rewards programs
  • Laundry charges for travel less than four consecutive nights
  • Loss / theft of personal property
  • Mini-bar refreshments
  • Movies
  • “No Show” charges for hotel or vehicle service
  • Non-meal tips / gratuities
  • Optional travel insurance
  • Parking fines or traffic fines
  • Passports or passport photographs
  • Personal clothing or hygiene items
  • Personal entertainment, including sports events
  • Personal meals
  • Personal side trip expenses while on business trip
  • Personal telephone call(s) that add up to more than $10.00 per day
  • Prepaid phone cards (except for prepaid phone cards while in travel status in a foreign location and other prepaid cards such as gift certificates and prepaid credit cards
  • Room service
  • Satellite radio and GPS navigation systems
  • Tips on per diem meals
  • Tips that exceed 20% for taxis, rideshares, shuttles, and limousines etc. that are calculated on non-mandatory or optional services
  • Vehicle cleaning

The U.S. has five permanent territories. Travel to these territories is considered out-of-state travel and not international travel. Similar to Alaska and Hawaii, corresponding per diem rates can be found on the GSA Foreign and OCONUS schedule.

  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • American Samoa

  • Domestic flights
    • Travel status begins two (2) hours prior to departure from Las Vegas airport or the airport closest to the traveler’s permanent workstation.
  • International flights
    • Travel status begins three (3) hours prior to departure from Las Vegas airport or the airport closest to the traveler’s permanent workstation. 
  • Travel status ends for both domestic and international flights when the returning flight has arrived at the airport in Las Vegas or the airport closest to the traveler’s permanent workstation.
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Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)

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