Main Contact Info for the Controller's Office

Mailing Address

Office of the Controller
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mail Stop: 1005
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154


Campus Location

Staff Directory

Lori Church

Associate Vice President of Financial Services & Controller
Phone: 702-895-0573

Elaine Rojas

Administrative Assistant IV
Phone: 702-895-3517

Financial Services Support

Lisa Bakke

Executive Director
Phone: 702-895-1394

Elora M. Paik

Principal Systems Analyst, Controller
Office: CSB 158
Mail Code: 1005
Phone: 702-895-2664

Kathy Schreiber

Senior Business Technology Analyst & Training Specialist
Phone: 702-895-3081

Scott Miller

Senior Business Technology Analyst
Phone: 702-895-5420

Mike Ellison

Business Intelligence Analyst
Phone: 702-895-5550

Accounting, Reporting, and Banking Services

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Kahaunani Hernandez

Assistant Controller for Accounting and Treasury Services
Phone: 702-895-5825

Nathan Frieders

Assistant Controller for Accounting and Audit Services
Phone: 702-895-3397

Ana Lopez

Senior Accountant
Phone: 702-895-0849

Audrey (Qi) Zhang

Senior Accountant
Phone: 702-895-4821

Bruce Fox

Phone: 702-895-1161

Hugo Calderon Cortes

Phone: 702-895-1169

Kathleen "Katie" Benally

Phone: 702-895-1631

Kery Chong

Senior Accountant
Phone: 702-895-4821

Kotoe Wafwa

Phone: 702-895-4271

Matthew Diggins

Senior Accountant
Phone: 702-895-0981

Patricia Slayton

Phone: 702-895-5738

Banking Services

Dana Tasso

Accountant Technician II
Phone: 702-895-3430

Kahaunani Hernandez

Assistant Controller for Accounting and Treasury Services
Phone: 702-895-5825

Kotoe Wafwa

Phone: 702-895-4271

Wayne Pochowski

Business Analyst
Phone: 702-895-1160

Cashiering & Student Accounts

To view the Cashiering & Student Accounts staff directory, visit the Cashiering & Student Accounts contact page.

Accounts Payable, Travel & Expenses

For travel program assistance or inquiries:

For general assistance or inquiries:

Rosalie Garcia

Business Services Manager

Racquel Rodriguez

Accountant Technician 2

Elizabeth Deveraux

Accountant Technician I

Janine Nakazone

Accounting Assistant III

Victor Reza

Accounting Assistant 1

Tim Johnson

Accountant Technician I

Purchasing & Contracts

For general assistance or inquiries contact:

To view the Purchasing & Contracts staff directory visit the Purchasing & Contracts contact page.