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The Controller’s Office provides effective financial guidance, information, and control while ensuring efficient accounting for the employees, students, and suppliers of UNLV.


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Accounting, Reporting, and Banking Services

Responsibilities of the accounting, reporting, and banking team include:

  • General accounting operations (journal entries, accounting adjustments, reconciliations)
  • Cash management and banking services 
  • Preparation of UNLV’s annual financial statements and associated audit
  • Development of various financial reports 
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Accounts Payable, Travel, and Expenses

The accounts payable team is responsible for the following:

  • Processing invoices for goods and services
  • General expense reimbursements 
  • Processing travel and mileage expense reimbursements
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Cashiering and Student Accounts

Our Cashiering and Student Accounts team assists with the following:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Student refunds
  • Student billing issues
  • Student accounts receivables
  • Third-party payment contracts
  • 1098-T tax forms
  • Departmental deposits
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Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Office

The Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Office provides tax services for the following:

  • Foreign national students
  • Employees
  • Guest speakers, consultants, independent contractors, and organizations
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Purchasing and Contracts

The Purchasing and Contracts department is responsible for: 

  • Campus contracts
  • Purchasing cards (PCards)
  • Supplier and payment registration 
  • Purchase orders for goods and services 

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