The Board of Regents International Travel Policy procedures require employees traveling abroad for university-associated business to register their international travel prior to departure.

These procedures apply regardless of funding and employment type.

Employees must:

  • Follow college and unit-level procedures for approval prior to registering their trip.
  • Submit a spend authorization prior to travel to make sure departmental funds are properly allocated.
  • Complete an expense report after travel to ensure proper reimbursement.

Employees traveling with students and students traveling for academic purposes should contact the Office of International Programs.

Reimbursable Immunization Costs For Travel

Non-routine immunizations required by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the business travel location will be reimbursable up to the reasonable and usual cost provided by established and local facilities. Examples of non-routine vaccines include:

  • Cholera
  • Yellow Fever
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid

To request a reimbursement of non-routine immunizations that exceed usual and customary costs, employees must attach a written explanation to their expense report.

  • Not having time to obtain an appointment is not an acceptable explanation.
  • Immunizations may not be paid with a PCard

Non-reimbursable Immunization Costs

  • Routine adult vaccinations
  • Physician consulting fees
  • Repellant sprays relative to travel 

Adult routine vaccines include:

Local facilities providing non-routine immunizations at a reasonable cost include: