Candidates for Employment

The three most highly rated applicants can be invited to interview for a permanent position. Typically the position is assigned both a search and position number. Travel status of a candidate is defined in the Travel Status and Reimbursement Policy page of this website. Candidates may receive reimbursements only after they visit and only upon presentation of original paid receipts.

There may be occasions where the recruitment expenses occur while interviewing the candidate. These expenses are provided outside of hosting.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to inform the department representative at least three working days prior to their arrival if they will need any special accommodations during the interview process.

Sample Letter

Prior to making any travel arrangements determine whether UNLV needs to assist with visa status for the interview. If so, contact the International Student and Scholar Office at 702-895-0143.

Notice: Only interested candidates should accept an invitation to interview. Should a candidate decline a letter of offer, UNLV may opt not to reimburse the candidate for interview expenses (Nevada State Administrative Manual, Section 0256.0).


Candidate Travel

  1. Expenses incurred by a UNLV candidate to travel to UNLV for the prospect of employment are reimbursable to the candidate.
  2. Candidates are to make their own travel arrangements. Candidates should be reimbursed for all expenses and no payments should be placed on the university p-card.
    1. Candidate Check List
  3. Candidate travel is audited and treated like employee out of state travel unless traveling within state (over 75 miles from interview location). Candidates are subject to the same lodging and meal per diem rates via the General Services Administration (GSA). No lodging exceptions.
    1. Candidate Fact Sheet
  4. Candidates cannot use the State Contracted Car Rental Agencies when renting a vehicle.

Candidate Travel Reimbursement

Reimbursements to candidates are requested on a UNLV payment voucher and must include the following:

  1. UNLV search and position number.
  2. Original itemized receipt(s) showing the method of payment (UNLV Receipts Policy).
  3. Candidate schedule of events such as time of interview & time of recruiting meals.
  4. Travel itinerary worksheet.
  5. Vendor number should state candidate. (please do not use SS#)
Reimbursements may be made for:
  1. Airfare – requires airline itinerary showing dates and times of departure and arrival and method of payment.
  2. Lodging – requires detailed hotel bill showing zero dollar balance and method of payment. Lodging nightly rates will be audited according to current GSA rates. Candidates should use non-gaming facility. Also, there are no lodging exceptions.
  3. Public ground transportation – (i.e. taxi, shuttle, etc.) valid receipt(s) required.
  4. Car rental – requires detailed itemized receipt.
  5. Personal vehicle mileage – will be reimbursed at the standard IRS mileage rate for the convenience of the university or half the IRS mileage rate at the convenience of the candidate.
  6. Meal per diem – may be paid in accordance with UNLV employee travel policy. No receipts required.
  7. When reimbursing directly to the candidate, use the following codes.
Expense Object Code Sub-Object
Candidate Airfare 30 C3
Candidate Lodging 30 CL

Candidate Car Rental

30 CC
Candidate Other Expenses 30 C4
Reimbursements may not be made for:
  • Tips or gratuities
  • Room Service
  • Personal phone charges (non-UNLV business related)
  • Personal incidentals
  • In-flight meals
  • GPS or satellite radio when renting a vehicle
  • Overage of GSA lodging rate for interview city/county

Authorization Required

Signature authority.

Account Restrictions

Candidate reimbursement/travel expenses chargeable to the object 30 subobject codes listed above may be charged to state funds, although we encourage use of non-state funds for candidate expenses when available.


Reimbursements to candidates are requested on a UNLV payment voucher and must include the following: