Airfare Policy

When on travel status, it is required to obtain and submit an airline itinerary regardless if the reimbursement is being requested. The itinerary is used to establish travel status for all reimbursements. The itinerary dates and times establish meal per diem eligibility as well.

An airline ticket for an employee, student or registered volunteer on official UNLV business may be purchased from a travel agency, directly from the airline or purchased on the Internet. If a service fee is added to the price of the ticket or reservation, the traveler will be reimbursed for that charge.

Advanced planning for travel will allow for the purchase of airline tickets at discounted rates. The lowest travel class (basic economy, air coach, standard class, etc.) is recommended to all areas serviced.


Bonus Flight Points: Sam Section 0217

Several commercial airlines allow the accumulation of free bonus flight points to travelers based on miles flown or as an inducement to travel with that airline. Any flight bonus points received by the State agencies or State employees as a result of State-paid air travel shall, whenever possible, be used by the agency to meet State travel needs.

Airline Itinerary

Airline itinerary should reference the following items:

  • Passenger name
  • Departure date and time
  • Flight dates and times (used to establish travel status as well as meal per diem)
  • Method of payment (follow Receipts Policy)
  • Class/type of seat purchased


  • Additional costs for expenses such as seat upgrades (Premium Economy, Coach, Business, First Class, Select level, etc.), TSA pre-check costs, early bird check in, flight insurance, non-mandatory seat selection or fees for more than one checked bag, etc. will not be reimbursed to the traveler and must be reimbursed if charged to a university account.
  • Cannot use Affidavit of lost receipt.
  • Southwest Air - No Show Policy for “Wanna Get Away” and “Ding!” fares that are not cancelled at least ten (10) minutes prior to scheduled departure will lose all funds and the remaining itinerary will be canceled by Southwest. Airfare charges (regardless of airline) that are forfeited due to traveler error may be required to be reimbursed to the department.

Foreign Airfare

Fly America Act

  • When traveling abroad on a sponsored program grant, the airline "Open Skies Agreements" or “Fly America Act” should be followed when purchasing air travel.
    • The airline "Open Skies Agreements" or “Fly America Act” states the following:
      • “Federal travelers are required by 49 U.S.C. 40118, commonly referred to as the “Fly America Act,” to use United States air carrier service for all air travel and cargo transportation services funded by the United States Government.”
      • More information on the airline "Open Skies Agreements" can be found at the Fly America Act page.

Extra Charges

Upgrade from lowest travel class (basic economy, air coach, standard class, etc.)

Your agency may authorize/approve accommodations if any of the following apply:

  • When necessary to accommodate a medical disability or other special need.
    • A disability must be certified annually in a written statement by a competent medical authority. However, if the disability is a lifelong condition, then a one-time certification statement is required. Certification statements must include at a minimum:
      • A written statement by a competent medical authority stating that special accommodation is necessary.
      • An approximate duration of the special accommodation.
      • A recommendation as to the suitable class of transportation accommodations based on the disability.
    • A special need must be certified annually in writing according to your agency’s procedures. However, if the special need is a lifelong condition, then a one-time certification statement is required.

Inflight Service Fees

  • If your flight is for a long duration, you may purchase Internet service for business purposes only. You must state and sign in your documentation that the Internet was used for University business purposes. (Receipt policy applies)

Southwest Airlines Discount

NSHE participates in an agreement for discounted pricing on qualified Southwest Airlines Flights.

Using departments MUST book travel through, the free Southwest Airlines online corporate booking tool, to receive the discounted fares. should always be used when booking air transportation between Las Vegas and Reno. Discounts are available for all flights that originate from Las Vegas or Reno and arrive at all Southwest destinations.

  • SWABIZ will display the lowest available "Wanna Get Away" rate, which may reflect a 3% discount (if discount seats are available)
  • SWABIZ will display a 15% discount on the "Anytime" rate (if discount seats are available)
  • SWABIZ requires the UNLV Company ID: 99489493 to book travel. Check with your department travel coordinator for an internal departmental account ID.

To take advantage of the discount, simply book travel through rather than and enter the following information to realize the potential discount:

  • Corporate ID: 99489493 (or internal department account ID)
  • Account No.: Your individual Rapid Rewards #
  • Password: Your individual Rapid Rewards password

As a courtesy, Southwest Airlines also has a page on to allow booking of rental vehicles with a state contracted rental agency.

Baggage Fees

Please see Baggage Allowance Policy.

Authorization Required

Signature authority.