Receipt Policy


When a reimbursement is requested by an individual (or organization), the university is assuming ownership for those products or services. In this process, the university also takes ownership of the original receipt for the purchase. Certain requirements must be met to ensure that a valid receipt is transferred to UNLV.


An original receipt is required for reimbursement. If receipts are lost or not obtainable through the Internet or other methods, the requestor may use the Affidavit of Lost Receipt to claim reimbursement. There is no exception. The Affidavit of Lost Receipt form is to be used by employees, students and registered volunteers. Affidavit of Lost Receipts does not apply to ISP's/guests/candidates/other.

An acceptable receipt contains all five of the following attributes. Any receipt that does not include all of the required information is not acceptable as a receipt for reimbursement.

  • The vendor business name.
    • If not printed on the receipt, ask the vendor to stamp/print the business name on the receipt or attach their business card.
  • A description of what was purchased.
    • If a description is not included on the receipt, attach an itemized description of the item(s) purchased.
    • If, for example, a meeting registration was paid for and the receipt does not specify the organization's name, date, or cost of the meeting, attach a copy of the complete meeting announcement which includes that information, to the payment document.
    • If a hosted meal/event is being reimbursed, the names and affiliations of those hosted and the purpose for the meal/event should be included on the payment document.
  • The total amount paid.
    • When purchasing an item for UNLV, ask the vendor to ring up the sale as "tax-exempt." UNLV is exempt from paying state sales tax provided the sale is made in-state.
    • A copy of the tax exempt certificate can be obtained here.
    • If the vendor charges sales tax, the payer will still be reimbursed.
  • The method of payment.
    • When paid in cash, the receipt must indicate "cash."
    • When paid by check, include the check number, the date of the check, and the name of the bank the check was drawn on.
    • If a credit card was used, the credit card receipt or the original vendor receipt indicating "credit card/Visa/MC/etc." must be provided.
    • If the payment method states Mastercard the receipt must show the last four digits of the credit card used.

Additional Information

Meal Tips

A tip for hosted (in or out of state) or Group/Team's (in travel status) meal service at a restaurant up to 20 percent of the meal cost may be reimbursed. For buffet service, the maximum tip reimbursement is $1.00 per person. Meal tips are calculated on the total meal charge before taxes. Tips are only reimbursable on detailed receipts. NOTE: Tips are not reimbursable for alcohol purchases.

Alteration of Receipts

If there is the appearance that a receipt was tampered with, the document will be referred to the appropriate authority for review. Reimbursement and/or any other travel action will be suspended until the review is complete.

Lost Receipts

In the event a receipt is lost, the person who lost the receipt may submit an Affidavit of Lost Receipts form. The affidavit may not be used for conference registrations, airline tickets, car rental or hotel (folio) receipts. For these, a duplicate detailed receipt must be obtained from the vendor to receive reimbursement. All information requested on the affidavit must be completed and signed by the person requesting reimbursement (not someone else signing on behalf of the person requesting reimbursement). In addition, the affidavit must be approved by the requestor's supervisor. When completed and signed, attach the affidavit to the payment document requesting reimbursement (Payment Voucher or Travel Document).

Power Failure

Should there be a power failure or for any other reason a cash register receipt cannot be provided by the vendor, request the vendor complete a manual cash receipt which needs to include each of the above five attributes.

Receipt Submittal

Paper clips increase the chance for a lost receipt! To ensure a receipt is not separated from the payment document, staple it to the document. If the receipt is smaller than 8 1/2" x 11", tape the receipt to an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, be careful not to tape over printed information as the tape will cause the receipt ink to fade or disappear. Illegible receipts may be disallowed reimbursement.

Original Receipts

An original receipt is required since UNLV is "buying" that receipt from the purchaser. If the receipt is not to be totally reimbursed, the purchaser may keep the original for tax purposes. The purchaser must then submit a LEGIBLE copy of the receipt for the partial reimbursement and state on the receipt "Original Retained by purchaser - Not Previously Paid - Partial Reimbursement" and sign and date this statement. A copy of the original receipt without this explanation or an explanation why the original receipt was not provided may not be accepted by UNLV.

Authorization Required

Signature authority, for hosting requires the Dean or equivalent's approval.

Account Restrictions

No restrictions see hosting or candidate policy for hosting procedures.