A receipt is a document provided by a business to its customers every time a product or service is received. It is a buyer's proof of transaction.

When an individual, organization, or department requests reimbursement, they must submit a PDF or JPEG copy of an original receipt through the university financial system along with all forms that require a receipt (Supplier Invoice, Expense Reimbursement, PCard Verification, and Hosting Forms).


A PDF or JPG of an original receipt is required for reimbursement. An acceptable receipt contains all five of the following attributes. Receipts printed in a foreign language should be translated into English and contain the required attributes.

Attributes of a Valid Receipt

  • Supplier's business name
    • If not printed on the receipt, ask the supplier to stamp/print the business name on the receipt or attach their business card.
  • Date of transaction
  • Itemized description of what was purchased
    • If a description is not included on the receipt, attach an itemized description of the item(s) purchased in a  PDF or JPEG file.
    • If a meeting registration was paid and the receipt does not specify the organization's name, date, or cost of the meeting, attach a copy of the complete meeting announcement that includes the information to the payment document.
    • If requesting reimbursement for a hosted meal/event, include names and affiliations of those hosted and the purpose for the meal/event on the payment document. Large non-employee groups may be identified by their group affiliation.
  • Detailed amount paid
    • When purchasing an item for UNLV, ask the supplier to ring up the sale as "tax-exempt." UNLV is exempt from paying state sales tax provided the sale is made in-state.
    • A supplier may ask for a Tax-exempt certificate
  • Method of payment
    • Cash - the receipt must indicate "cash."
    • Check - include the check number, the date of the check, and the name of the bank the check was drawn on by including a separate JPEG or PDF document or legibly writing this information in the margins of the receipt document.
    • Credit card - the credit card receipt or the original supplier receipt indicating "credit card/Visa/MC/etc." must be provided.
    • If the payment method states Mastercard, the receipt must show the last four digits of the credit card used to allow a comparison against the UNLV PCard list to ensure there is no unintentional double-payment. If the receipt does not indicate the last four digits, please provide a redacted copy of the credit card statement.

If a receipt shows signs of tampering, the document will be referred to the appropriate authority for review. Reimbursement or PCard use will be suspended until the review is complete. Communication with employees and departments regarding receipt discrepancies will be done through email.

  • PDF or JPG of all original receipts/bills/invoices should be submitted for payment.
  • If the receipt is smaller than 8 1/2" x 11", tape the receipt to an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, do not tape over printed information as the tape will cause the receipt ink to fade or disappear. Illegible receipts may be disallowed reimbursement.

Tips are only reimbursable when documented on detailed receipts.

  • Meal tips are calculated on the total meal charge before taxes.
  • Restaurant tip: up to 20% of the meal cost may be reimbursed.
  • Buffet service: the maximum tip reimbursement is $1 per person.

In the event a receipt is lost and a duplicate cannot be obtained, the person seeking reimbursement must submit an Affidavit of Lost Receipt form.

  • All information requested on the affidavit must be completed and signed by the person requesting reimbursement.
  • The affidavit must be approved by the requestor's supervisor.
  • Attach completed and signed affidavit to the payment document and applicable form (Supplier Invoice Request (SIR), Expense Reimbursement, PCard Verification).

The affidavit may not be used for:

  • Conference registrations
  • Airline tickets
  • Car rental
  • Hotel (folio) receipts

For these, a duplicate detailed receipt must be obtained from the supplier.

Employees, students, and registered volunteers should use the Affidavit of Lost Receipt form. The Affidavit of Lost Receipt form does not apply to non-employee reimbursements.

Should there be a power failure or for any other reason a register receipt cannot be provided by the supplier, request the supplier complete a manual receipt which needs to include each of the five listed attributes in the policy.