UNLV MasterCard

MasterCard Emergency Service (24-hour) may be used if the traveler's UNLV MasterCard Corporate Card (PCard) was used to procure or reserve the following services:

  • Airline tickets
  • Lodging
  • Other transportation assistance

The MasterCard Assistance Emergency Service is available at 1-800-346-3779.

Nevada State Motor Pool in Reno

  • During normal business hours, call 775-688-1325 (A collect call will be accepted.)
  • After business hours contact NAC Fleet Rescue at 800-975-6240.

For a flat tire or mechanical problem with the vehicle, follow the instructions stored in the glove box of the vehicle being used.

Nevada State Motor Pool / Enterprise

UNLV International Travel Insurance

Please visit the Risk Management and Safety website.

For clarification or additional policy information, contact the Risk Management & Safety at 702-895-4226.