Direct Deposit (EFT)

Effective Oct. 1st 2008, employee expense reimbursements will be electronically disbursed directly to your bank account. Only the following employee types will be eligible for electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments: Academic Faculty (AC), Administrative Faculty (AD), and Letter of Appointment (LA).

If you are enrolled in the direct deposit program for payroll, you don’t need to do anything to participate. You will be automatically enrolled in the EFT program. All future reimbursements will be automatically deposited into the primary bank account designated for your payroll direct deposit. If you currently have designated a split in your wage deposit, such as 50 percent to your checking account and 50 percent to your savings account, and your checking account is your designated primary account, the EFT deposit will be deposited to your checking account. The EFT process does not allow for split deposits.

An electronic advice will be sent to you by email when reimbursements are deposited to your bank account. Please confirm deposits with your bank directly. Any changes made to your payroll direct deposit, such as bank account closures, or changes to account numbers will change your account information for EFT as well.

If you are not enrolled in the payroll direct deposit program and want to take advantage of this reimbursement process, you can sign up for direct deposit through the Employee Query and Update system (EQUUS).

You may also complete the paper enrollment form. If completing the paper form, complete the Bank Transit # and Acct. # from your financial institution and attach a voided check. A deposit slip is insufficient documentation; a voided check only must be attached. Return the authorization form to the UNLV Payroll Department at the Campus Service Building, room 244 or mail to mail stop 1052. For information on the payroll direct deposit program, call ext. 5-3825.

Visit the Accounts Payable website or call ext. 5-1156 for information on electronic reimbursement for travel, host, and expense reimbursements.