• Accounts Payable provides responsive, high quality financial services to the students, employees, organizations and vendors of UNLV. We also develop and implement effective policies and procedures to ensure accurate payment and financial transaction management in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

  • Cashiering and Student Accounts Office assists with the collection of tuition and fees, distribution of student refunds, resolving student billing issues, student accounts receivables, third party payment contracts, 1098-T tax forms and departmental deposits.

  • The Cashiering and Student Accounts Office office also handles Loan Administration. Loan Administration helps with the disbursement, billing, and collection of all Federal (with the exception of Direct Loans), Institutional, and State Loan Funds.

  • The Nonresident Alien Tax Services office provides tax services to Foreign National students, employees, organizations, guest speakers, and vendors of the University.

  • General Accounting assists with UNLV banking information; which includes rules and guidance on establishing and maintaining credit card merchant accounts, with financial transactions such as IDRs and JVs, and with signature authorization for account activity.

  • The Financial Reporting Office coordinates and prepares university financial reports.

  • The Payroll Office processes payroll for faculty and professional staff, those employed under a Letter of Appointment (LOA), classified staff, hourly employees and student/casual labor.