The Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV Human Resources Department can assist you with general questions about benefits and/or direct your request to the appropriate campus representative.

For a speedy process, please submit your request directly through our Other Services Request Form. You can also contact us at

Medical Benefits

Plan specific questions should be directed to the respective Member Services departments:

Medical Resident Information

Each of the insurance providers for medical residents has a Member Services office that can answer specific and general questions about benefits, including the status of enrollment or physical cards. Please contact:

  • For medical PPO (Sierra Health): 1-800-888-2264
  • For medical HMO (Health Plan of Nevada): 1-800-777-1840
  • For dental insurance (Guardian Dental): 1-800-541-7846
  • For vision insurance (Eye med): 1-866-723-0514
  • The Benefits Resource Center can answer specific and general questions about residents' medical/dental/vision plans, as well as voluntary products: 1-888-336-7463

Making Changes to your Selected Benefit Plans

For all employees, changes to selected benefit plans (such as switching to HMO/PPO option, adding or removing a plan, adding or removing a dependent) can only be done during open enrollment which happens in May every year.

To view the list of qualifying events that allow employees to add or remove a dependent, please visit the main UNLV Human Resources website.

Medical residents can add or remove dependents in Workday via the Benefits worklet within 30 days of the qualifying event. All other employees can add or remove dependents by logging into the e-PEBP Portal within 60 days of the qualifying event.

* For information regarding paycheck deductions due to selected benefit plans, please visit the Workday website.


Grant-in-Aid (GIA) is a program that UNLV provides employees opportunities to grow professionally and personally through the educational discount programs. These programs are to specific employee types and their family members. Any amount of tuition not covered by GIA is the sole responsibility of the individual enrolled.


  • Academic and administrative faculty who are .50 FTE or greater are eligible for GIA assistance up to the maximum allowed credits. Their dependents are eligible for educational assistance through the program as well.
  • Classified staff are also eligible for GIA assistance up to the maximum allowed credits. Their dependents are eligible for tuition assistance through the Staff Enrichment Award.
  • Part-Time employees are eligible to receive educational assistance through the GIA program. This benefit applies only to the employee, not their spouse or dependents. For non-teaching part-time employees, the number of credits is determined by the FTE, while the maximum number of credits for instructors is based on the number of teaching credit hours.
  • Retired faculty and professional employees may continue to receive grant-in-aid if they retire at the age of 55 or over and have a minimum of 20 years of service. Their dependents are eligible for educational assistance through the program.

How To Apply

Please visit the main UNLV Human Resources' Tuition Assistance webpage, select your employment type, and follow the corresponding steps on that page.

Workers Compensation

What To Do When Injured On The Job

Employees of the Nevada System of Higher Education are covered under workers’ compensation insurance in the event of a workplace injury or illness. UNLV’s workers’ compensation program is administered through the University’s Risk Management and Safety Department.

If you have any questions about workers' compensation benefits or procedures or need assistance, please contact Risk Management and Safety at 702-895-5404 or 702-895-4226.

The School of Medicine Human Resources Department can also be contacted if you need assistance.

Forms Needed For A Claim

The following forms can be found on the Risk Management & Safety website and must be completed by the supervisor and injured employee for a workers compensation claim:

  • Notice of Injury of Occupational Disease (Form C1)
  • Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment (Form C4)
  • Supervisor’s Injury/Illness/Incident Report

Leave of Absence

The School of Medicine Human Resources Department can assist you with navigating the Leave of Absence process and answer any questions you may have. Please submit an Other Services Request Form if you require assistance.

The UNLV Campus Absence Management Coordinator provides assistance and administers leaves of absences for all UNLV employees. The Leave of Absence program includes paid and unpaid leave for a variety of reasons. Employees should let their supervisor know of the need to request leave 30 days in advance, when feasible.

More Information


Retired faculty (65 years or older) should sign up for Medicare. Contact the UNLV’s Human Resources benefits team to discuss options and any required paperwork.