Department of Pediatrics

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

Department Overview

The faculty of UNLV Department of Pediatrics provide education for students and residents, participate in scholarly activities/research and care for the children of Las Vegas in a multi-specialty faculty practice. The academic full-time faculty are in the fields of adolescent medicine, allergy/immunology, developmental/behavioral pediatrics, general pediatrics, genetics, gastroenterology, hospitalists, infectious diseases, neurology and pulmonology.


The School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics promotes children's health by educating medical students and training pediatric residents in the fundamentals of pediatrics, to provide health care for children in our regions, to advocate for children's issues and to conduct research that advances medical science, enhance pediatric education and benefit children's health and well-being.

GME: Department of Pediatrics

Residency Program


UNLV Pediatrics Faculty

General Pediatrics

Sub Pediatrics

Adolescent Medicine
Allergy & Immunology
Behavior & Development
Infectious Disease
  • David Parks, MD


  • Jennifer Quinlan, DO
  • Benjamin Wong, MD

Greater UNLV Faculty

Adolescent & Child Psychiatry

Pediatric Dentistry


Obstetrics/Gynecology & Maternal Fetal Medicine

Adjunct (Community) Faculty


  • Ruben Acherman, MD
  • Ricardo Samson, MD
  • Abraham Rothman, MD
  • Robert Rollins, MD
  • Gary Mayman, MD
  • Carlos Luna, MD
  • Joseph Ludwick, MD
  • Tina Kwan, MD
  • Katrina Kip, MD
  • Alvaro Galindo, MD
  • William Evans, MD
  • William Castillo, MD
  • John Alexander, DO
  • Elizabeth Adams, MD

Emergency Medicine

  • Children's Hospital of Nevada
    • John Reeves, MD
    • Christopher Murray, MD
    • Jay Fisher, MD
    • David Nelson, MD
    • Kreg Burnette, MD


  • Rola Saad, MD


  • Howard Baron, MD
  • Elizabeth Mileti, DO
  • Christopher Rhee, MD


  • Childrens Hospital of Nevada
    • Daniel Noriega
    • Laura Quinones
    • JB Fenix
    • Jim Andrus
    • Parvin Dorostkar
  • Sunrise Children's Hospital
    • Oscar Ingaramo
    • Silvana Arciniegas
    • Jen DeMichele


  • Children's Hospital of Nevada
    • Dahna Reyes, MD
    • Kanayo Ezeanolue, MD
    • Alaa-Eldin Eldemerdash, MD
    • Francis Banfro, MD
    • Farooq Abdulla, MD


  • Children's Nephrology Clinic
  • Hay Cheam, MD
  • Michael Aigbe, MD


  • Sri Halthore, MD
  • Alfreda Maller, MD
  • Donald Johns, MD


  • Keith Blum, MD
  • Stuart Kaplan, MD

Hematology & Oncology

  • Alan Ikeda, MD
  • Kanyalakshmi Ayyanar, MD
  • Waseem Alhushki, MD
  • Nik Abdul-Rashid, MD


  • Jonathan Camp, MD
  • Michael Thomas, MD
  • Jason Nielson, MD
  • David Stewart, MD


  • Marietta Nelson, MDBruce Snyder, MD

Pediatric Hospitalists

  • Sunrise Children's Hospital
  • Latoya Barber
  • Francine Bynum
  • Erin Caliri, DO
  • Ellen Fitzpatrick, MD
  • Michelle Pastorello, MD
  • Ruchi Garg, DO

Pediatric Critical Care

  • Children's Hospital of Nevada
    • Judith Ben Ari Lazcano, MD
    • Richard Sterett, MD
    • Consolacion Saqeton, MD
    • Mark Dugan, MD
    • Meena Vohra, MD

Pediatric Surgery

  • Nicholas Fiore, MD
  • Kelly Kogut, MD

Private Pediatrics


  • Craig Nakamura, MD


  • Mary Magruder, MD
  • Sukjhinder Singh, MD
  • Rajashree Vyas, MD
  • Lisa Wong, MD


  • Robert Lowe, MD


  • George Ganesan, MD
  • Waldo Feng, MD, PhD
  • Chadwick Plaire, MD
  • Jessica Casey, MD, MS