Department Overview

Our Adult Emergency Medicine Department serves as the front door to the hospital for the vast majority of patients, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level emergency care in the Las Vegas region. Last year the department provided emergency medical care and service to over 125,000 patients, including more than 32,000 pediatric and more than 10,000 trauma patients.

The Cardiac Activation Program was first developed in 2006 by our Residency Program Director, Emergency Medicine Physician, Ross Berkeley, M.D. This Cardiac Activation Program was developed at our partner hospital University Medical Center (UMC). It facilitates rapid patient stabilization, after which a patient can be transferred to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at UMC for emergent percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Preparation to confidently manage any patient in any situation is the bare minimum that should be expected from a residency program. Success in the real world after emergency medicine residency is predicated on a multitude of factors beyond raw medical knowledge and procedural skills. Present-day emergency departments demand physicians with a mastery of departmental patient flow, clinical productivity, documentation, patient satisfaction, communication skills, team leadership, and the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care. 

GME: Department of Emergency Medicine

Residency Program

Explore our residency program pages and gain some insight into the EM residency experience, sense of camaraderie and excellence offered in our program. Meet our current residents, learn about our curriculum, training sites, resident life, and other areas of our program.

Fellowship Program

Visit our pediatric emergency medicine fellowship webpage and learn how this fellowship will not only develop you into a highly trained pediatric emergency physician, but how your work will become a novel and integral part of a rapidly developing pediatric system of care.


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