Admissions Timeline for 2021-2022

May/June 2021 AMCAS opens for applicants to build their application and start submitting to schools
Mid-July Earliest date to be invited to complete a Secondary Application*
Mid-August Earliest date to be invited for an interview
September – February Admissions Interview Season
October 1 Standard Applicant Pool Application Deadline
Letters of Recommendation Deadline
MCAT Deadline
Late October – End of March Standard Applicant Pool Admissions Notifications (rolling)
Mid-April Second Look for Admitted Applicants
April 30, 2022 Admitted Applicant Decision Deadline
Early May Alternate List Notifications Begin
July 2022 Class of 2026 Begins

*Secondary Applications must be completed within 2 weeks (14 days) of receipt. After two weeks secondary applications will no longer be accepted.

For policies regarding deadlines and the impact of COVID-19, please visit our Applicants page.