The Kerkorian School of Medicine interviews approximately 300 applicants per year. Those selected to interview will receive an email invitation to sign up for an interview week that will have a number of required components.

Interviews are standardized in nature, much like a job interview, where direct questions are asked that help measure mission fit and assess qualitative characteristics. The school does not do MMI format.

Interviewers are made up of faculty and community members who score applicants after the interview is completed. Interviewers are not members of the admissions committee or application review team. Applicants also get an opportunity to interact with Student Ambassadors who also provide qualitative feedback (not scoring) to the committee based on small group sessions.

All interviewers do not receive quantitative information about the applicant (i.e. no MCAT scores, grades, or GPAs).

Virtual Interviewing

Applicants selected for an interview will receive direct communications via email to select an interview week and then receive information about the virtual interviewing platform and process.

Interview weeks will have both asynchronous (recorded) and synchronous (virtual live) components to be completed, and there is a required schedule to follow.

2022-2023 Requirements

  • A short asynchronous interview with standardized questions. This is scored by community reviewers.
  • A 30-minute 1:1 virtual live interview with a faculty or community member with standardized questions. This is scored by the interviewer.
  • A 1-hour virtual live session with 2 student ambassadors and several other applicants (small group). This session is more informal/conversational and is also an opportunity to ask students about our school. This session is not scored, but ambassadors may provide the Admissions Committee with qualitative feedback.
  • A 90-minute virtual live Q&A with administration. This has no interview components, is not scored, and is designed for applicants to ask any/all questions about the school.

A video library is also made available to interviewees with presentations about our school and its curriculum. It’s recommended to watch these prior to the interview week activities.

Virtual interviews may be done via mobile device or computer. PC or Apple products are acceptable. Applicants need to have a good internet connection, a quiet location to participate, and a device with camera and microphone. Technical support is available 24/7 from our platform vendor for the asynchronous and 1:1 live components. Small/large group sessions are on Zoom.

A small sample bank of questions will be provided to applicants to give a general idea of the format for the asynchronous and 1:1 virtual live sessions.

Applicants are expected to dress professionally for all recorded or virtual live sessions.

In January 2023, a new program will launch to provide building tours to prospective applicants and active applicants of our new Medical Education Building. Tours are not required as part of the interview week but will simply be offered as a courtesy to those who are interested.

For questions or concerns, please contact us at admissions@medicine.unlv.edu.