Retiring During a Semester

If you are enrolled in classes and have received grant-in-aid during the semester you retire, you may complete those classes. Your dependents may also finish classes within that semester.

Continuing Grant-in-Aid

Retirees may be eligible to continue receiving the Grant-in-Aid benefit after their retirement.


  • Retired administrative and academic faculty who are 55 or over at the time of retirement and have at least 20 years of NSHE service
    • Spouse or registered domestic partner
    • Financially dependent child(ren) under the age of 24
      • For qualified, dependent child(ren) who have served on active duty in the USAF, the age limitation will be extended for the period of such active service, but not to exceed six (6) years.

Apply for Grant-in-Aid

Follow these steps to apply for grant-in-aid.

  1. Register for your classes.
  2. Complete the grant-in-aid application form.
  3. Email completed grant-in-aid form to UNLV office of Human Resources at