Grant-In-Aid - Part-Time Employees

As a part-time employee or instructor, you are able to receive education assistance through the UNLV grant-in-aid program. This benefit applies only to the employee, not their spouse or dependents.

* Grant-in-aid is available for undergraduate or graduate courses only at UNLV during fall and spring semesters.

Items NOT eligible for Grant-In-Aid:

  • Non-credit courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences are excluded from the program.
  • Courses that are NOT supported by state funds. This includes remedial courses (ie. Math 95, Eng 95, etc) at UNLV
  • Courses at other NSHE institutions

The provisions for GIA for part-time employees can be found in the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3.

Part-Time Employees (Nonteaching)

If you are on a nonteaching Letter of Appointment (LOA) or Letter of Appointment with Benefits (LOB) contract, you must talk with your supervisor about the courses you may take. Credit hours cannot exceed six credit hours per semester. The number of credits you may take is determined by multiplying six credit hours by your FTE, and rounding up.

Part-Time Instructors

If you are on a teaching LOA/LOB contract, the number of classes you may enroll in is based on the number of credit hours you teach in the current semester. Credit hours cannot exceed six credit hours per semester.

Payment Amounts for Undergraduate and Graduate Course Work

Here is the current amount of aid to be paid for undergraduate and graduate course work at UNLV for the Fall 2017 semester.

Institution Undergraduate Course Work Graduate Course Work
UNLV $147.93 per credit $188.47 per credit

Note: The grant-in-aid program does not pay 100 percent tuition, student fees, or late fees. A list of student fees can be found on the UNLV cashier’s office website.

Apply for Grant-In-Aid

Follow these steps to apply for grant-in-aid.

  1. Register for your classes.
  2. Complete the grant-in-aid application form.
  3. Submit form to your supervisor for signature and then the Dean/Vice President for signature.
  4. Fax completed grant-in-aid form to UNLV office of Human Resources at 702-895-1545.

Application Deadlines

To ensure that your benefit is processed prior to the assessment of late fees, your form must be received by Human Resources no later than:

  • 2017 Summer Session I and Summer Session II – May 12, 2017
  • 2017 Summer Session III – July 7, 2017

Please submit your grant-in-aid form before the deadline to avoid paying your entire tuition out of pocket and late fees.

If required to pay for your entire tuition, you will be credited and reimbursed (portion of tuition) after your form is processed. Reimbursement does not include late fees.

To ensure that you receive your Grant-in-Aid benefit, your form must be received by Human Resources by the dates listed below.  Forms received after these dates will be considered in-eligible and will not be processed:

  • Spring 2017 – Currently not available
  • 2017 Summer Session I and Summer Session II – Currently not available
  • 2017 Summer Session III – Currently not available

Tax Implications

Grant-in-aid paid for undergraduate courses is not considered taxable income.

Grant-in-aid paid in excess of $5,250 for graduate courses, for the calendar year, is considered taxable income.

Taxes are reported twice a year. For additional information, please consult your tax advisor.