Office of Faculty Affairs

School of Medicine

The UNLV School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs is designed to support the Dean’s office by providing resources for faculty. Responsibilities and functions of the Office of Faculty Affairs include (but are not limited to):

  • Developing and monitoring mechanisms for faculty advancement
  • Developing and providing professional leadership programs
  • Leading initiatives related to faculty governance
  • Shepherding faculty through faculty processes such as promotion and tenure, sabbatical requests, new appointments, and leave
  • Assisting faculty with the interpretation of the School of Medicine policies and processes, per the School of Medicine bylaws, handbook, and other governance documents
  • Providing counseling, mediation, and conflict resolution/management skills
  • Contributing to the School’s strategic plan

Professional Development

Programs organized through the School of Medicine Faculty Affairs Office include:

  • Professional Development
    • Leadership Academy
    • Discipline Content
  • Program Evaluation
    • Practice Survey
    • Team Survey
  • Curricular Design
    • Student Assessment
    • Instructional Methodology
  • Research Resources

The Office of Faculty Affairs in the School of Medicine also builds relationships with other units on campus, including the Provost’s Office, UNLV Office of Faculty Affairs, the Office of Compliance, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and others.

Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure

The Office of Faculty Affairs coordinates faculty appointments, orientation, professional development, promotions, tenure, sabbaticals and emeritus appointments

  • Faculty Appointment
  • Faculty Appointment Definitions and Categories
  • Faculty Appointment Policy
  • Faculty Appointment Process
  • School of Medicine Title Tree
  • Initial Appointment Processes
  • Renewal of Appointment Processes
  • Faculty Annual Reporting
  • Promotion and Tenure
  • Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
  • Promotion and Tenure Process
  • Remediation Policies and Process
  • Non-Renewal Policies and Processes
  • Dismissal Policies and Process
  • Sabbatical


The School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs has a broad range of responsibilities including:

  • Providing assistance for preparing and processing all faculty actions, including new appointments, promotions, tenure awards, and sabbatical requests.
  • Interpreting UNLV School of Medicine rules to faculty members, department chairs and
  • administrators in the interpretation of the University and School of Medicine rules.
  • Leading several faculty development programs for both academic and community faculty
  • Coordinating several resource building programs addressing faculty professionalism, diversity, conflicts-of-interest, and other topics

Contact The Team

Mark Guadagnoli, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Affairs
Mail Code: 7407
Phone: 702-895-4624
Fax: 702-895-0074

Angelina Sioco

Community Faculty Manager
Mail Code: 7407
Phone: 702-895-1517
Fax: 702-895-0074

Kristin Steffen, MSM, MPH, CPH

Senior Director, Office of Faculty Affairs
Mail Code: 7407
Phone: 702-895-0154
Fax: 702-895-0074