If you enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses at any Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) school, the university will pay a portion of your tuition.

Eligible for Grant-in-Aid

  • Approved courses must be for credit
  • Course must be state supported

Items Not Eligible for Grant-In-Aid

  • Non-credit courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences are excluded from the program;
  • Courses that are not supported by state funds. This included remedial courses (i.e. MATH 95, ENG 95, etc.) at UNLV and Nevada State College (NSC). Remedial courses taken at College of Southern Nevada are considered state supported and are paid by the GIA benefit.

Grant in Aid benefits provided will be reversed if you:

  • If you receive a grade lower than a C for undergraduate courses
  • If you receive a grade lower than a B for graduate courses
  • If you drop a course
  • If you audit a course
  • If you receive an incomplete
  • If you terminate employment before the end of the semester

The provisions for GIA for Classified employees can be found in NRS 284.343, and NAC 284.482 through NAC 284.522.

You may receive grant-in-aid for a maximum of 18 credits during the fiscal year. The fiscal year for the program runs from summer session I through the end of the spring semester the following year. It is your responsibility to pay for credit hours over the maximum amount allowed. Below are the maximum credit hours you may take under the program.

  Fall Spring Summer
Classified Employees 6 6 6

Below is the current amount of aid to be paid for undergraduate and graduate course work at NSHE system institutions for the fall 2023 semester.

Institution Undergraduate Course Work Graduate Course Work
UNLV $262.50 per credit $321.75 per credit

Note: The Grant-in-Aid program does not pay 100 percent tuition, student fees, or late fees. A list of student fees can be found on the UNLV cashiering office website.

Below is the current amount of aid to be paid for course work in dental and law programs at UNLV.

UNLV School of Dental Medicine

$13,749.00 maximum per semester

UNLV Boyd School of Law

$1,000.00 per credit ($6,000.00 maximum per semester)

Applying for Grant in Aid is moving to Workday starting with the fall 2023 semester. Visit the Workday Job Aid and instructional video for more information.

If you are submitting Grant-in-Aid for summer 2023, please continue to use the Grant in Aid paper form and submit to HRGIA@unlv.edu.

Grant-in-aid paid to classified employees for undergraduate courses is not considered taxable income.

Grant-in-aid paid to classified employees in excess of $5,250 for graduate courses, for the calendar year, is considered taxable income.

Taxes are reported twice a year. For additional information, please consult your tax advisor.