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School of Integrated Health Sciences

School of Integrated Health Sciences' faculty and students make positive impacts and foster evolutionary changes in health sciences on local and national levels.

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detail shot of lab equipment
Jun. 21, 2022

UNLV expert Dr. Jeffrey Cummings explains how a new lab expands UNLV's neuroscience research capabilities.

woman running in pool
May. 4, 2022

Kinesiology professor John Mercer turned a love of triathlons into a vector for research into wetsuit technology and underwater running.

Luara Kruskall stands between isles of foot pantry
Apr. 5, 2022

Faculty/staff outreach award recipient Laura Kruskall developed a multifaceted approach to address food insecurity while providing opportunities for students.

a teacher and student in a classroom
Mar. 7, 2022

A collection of news stories highlighting the experts and events at UNLV.

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Integrated Health Notes

U.N.L.V. Banner
Mar. 30, 2022
By Maren Barney (UNLV School of Integrated Health Sciences Communication office) Meet your CSUN Health Senators, Madison Hale, a fourth-year Kinesiology major; Kelly Chung, a 3rd year Public Health major; and Faria Tavacoli, a 3rd year Public Health major.  There is currently an open position for a new Senator, but this position is not for just anyone!  CSUN Senators work behind the…
Tiger Woods, Keith Kleven and Mike Tyson pose for a group photo
Jan. 24, 2022
(Las Vegas, NV): Mary and Keith Kleven's rebel romance began when they were both working at UNLV. Mary was working as a recruitment coordinator, and Keith was a Physical Therapist (PT) and adjunct professor. A student with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) introduced these two, and several years later they met again at a fundraiser, which led to a four-year courtship and a happy 18-…
Photo Thumb x-ray
Jan. 27, 2022
  (Las Vegas, NV): One of the first programs established at UNLV is the Radiography program. Recently, the program was gifted an X-ray machine by CareNow Urgent Care. We met with Radiography Program Director Chad Hensley to discuss this incredible new addition further.  Until the donation of the new machine, UNLV was home to an X-ray machine built in the 1980s. The technology required…

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