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Meet the Freshman: Caitlyn and Kristen Miller

The twins plan to throw themselves into the full college experience.

People  |  Aug 15, 2016  |  By UNLV News Center
Kristen and Caitlyn Miller

Incoming freshman Kristen and Caitlyn Miller. (R. Marsh Starks/UNLV Photo Services)

Editor's Note: 

For our Meet the Freshman series, we dropped in on a recent orientation event to ask a handful of incoming Rebels (and some of their parents) about why they chose UNLV. 

Yes! Caitlyn and Kristen Miller are twins! And darn proud that they’re both going to be Rebels here! (They talk with such enthusiasm that every sentence seems to end in an exclamation point.) They will bring a bubbly jolt of energy to the residence halls this fall. Inspired by a teacher, Caitlyn will be studying kinesiology and hopes to go into sports medicine. Kristen plans to graduate from UNLV’s School of Nursing and focus on pediatrics.


Kristen: I really didn’t want to leave the state. This is home.

Caitlyn: I got scholarships to other schools but here they are covering so much more — tuition and the dorms. I’ve also had friends who go here and said their experience was really empowering.

What makes you a Rebel?

Kristen: I’m really dedicated to education and I’m creative.

Caitlyn: To me, being a Rebel means you become very involved in your school and your community. I was really involved in my (high) school and I plan on transferring that to my college.

What makes UNLV different?

Caitlyn: Being able to say that I went to K-12 in Vegas and that I’m continuing to grow in Vegas. I’m super sentimental. It wasn’t always my plan to stay here (for college) but it is now and it makes me happy. UNLV is part of my dream.

What will you be involved in outside of class?

Kristen: I play sports — volleyball and flag football. I’ve been on student council, so I want to get involved in student government. I’m also involved in SkillsUSA.

Caitlyn: I want to join a sorority — one that has to do with leadership. I talked to one sorority girl and found out that they do a lot of community services. Oh, and I want to be on an oozeball team.

What problem would you love to solve one day?

Kristen: My niece has Down’s Syndrome; there have been cases of abuse and that just isn’t right. As a future nurse, the level of care others receive is important to me.

Biggest fear?

Kristen: Finding time to study. In high school, teachers always create deadlines and due dates. I tend to wait to the last minute.

Caitlyn: I’m afraid of failing — not my classes, but my high expectations for myself.

Biggest challenge in getting here?

Kristen: Just figuring out how to get here. We’re part of the Title I HOPE program (an outreach program for students who are homeless or living in a temporary residence due to economic hardship).Counselors helped me get scholarships and financial aid. [Learn more about UNLV's Hope Scholars program.]

Tips for next year’s incoming class?

Caitlyn: Start early and don’t be afraid to ask questions because people here are ready to help you.