The B.S. in Applied Health Sciences is designed to provide a pathway to a degree for students with varying interests in health-related fields, the degree is not geared toward a single industry or career path. Completing the B.S. in Applied Health Sciences is valuable because it provides a foundation to advance one’s education through graduate and professional programs, possibly leading to a higher salary. In addition to readiness for graduate school in an academic setting, undergraduates can focus on preparatory coursework for bachelor’s degrees in nursing, health physics, and comprehensive medical imaging (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, radiography, and ultrasound). Professional graduate programs that students can pursue after completing the degree include those that lead to the following careers: nurse, physician, occupational therapist, physical therapist, dentist, pharmacist, and physician’s assistant. Employment opportunities for health-related fields in Nevada for students with a B.S. in Applied Health Sciences substantiate a critical need for this degree program.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Develop foundational knowledge in domains of health and life sciences.
  • Understand the principles of providing culturally appropriate, ethical, evidence-based practice in healthcare settings.
  • Locate, comprehend, and apply information from scientific peer reviewed journals.
  • Apply evidence-based principles to build an understanding of the human experience in relation to health and wellness.
  • Develop effective communication skills to disseminate evidence-based health and well-being information to individuals from diverse populations.
  • Gain a comprehensive and holistic perspective of culturally appropriate health promotions and interventions across a person’s lifespan.
  • Apply health-related knowledge through community service and experientially-based learning opportunities.
  • Be informed of requirements for professional healthcare and graduate schools (e.g., medical imaging, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, doctor of medicine) and certifications related to healthcare, health, and wellness.


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Degree Contact

Sharon Jalene, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs / Assistant Professor-in-Residence / Director - B.S. of Applied Health Sciences


School of Integrated Health Sciences

With many degree offerings that are accredited by national organizations, the School of Integrated Health Sciences offers dynamic classroom instruction, laboratory/clinical practice, research, and mentoring. Our students develop skills that help them break into health-related fields and further their graduate or professional studies.