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Global Teaching

Graphic Design & Media

Health Physics

Healthcare Administration and Policy

Higher Education

Hispanic Studies


  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Minor in History
  • Master of Arts - History
    Available Options:
    • United States History Track
    • European History Track
    • Asian History Track
    • Teaching History Track
    • Non-Thesis Track
    • Thesis Track
  • Doctor of Philosophy - History
    Available Options:
    • Post-Bachelor’s – North American West Track
    • Post-Bachelor’s – North American Culture and Society Track
    • Post-Bachelor’s – European Culture and Society Track
    • Post-Master’s – North American West Track
    • Post-Master’s – North American Culture and Society Track
    • Post-Master’s European Culture and Society Track


  • Honors College Programs
    Available Options:
    • University Honors
    • Research and Creative Honors
    • Service-Learning Honors

Hospitality Management

Hotel Administration

Human Services

Infection Prevention

Information Technology

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

  • Doctor of Philosophy - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Interdisciplinary
    Available Options:
    • Post Bachelor's Track
    • Post Master's Track
    • Rehabilitation Post-Bachelor’s Track
    • Rehabilitation Post-Master’s Track
    • Biomechanics Track
    • Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Sciences Track
    • Motor Learning/Control Track
    • Health Physics Post-Bachelor’s Track
    • Health Physics Post-Master’s Track

Interior Architecture and Design

International Business