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Interdisciplinary Programs at UNLV

Rebels forge their own academic journeys and career paths!

Our interdisciplinary programs are designed for students who want to push the boundaries of traditional degree programs and tackle big questions. Choose an interdisciplinary program at UNLV to combine your interests, broaden your skills, and be better prepared for your future career.

Undergraduate Programs

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Entertainment Engineering and Design

The Entertainment Engineering and Design program will combine art and science by helping students learn engineering principles while becoming well-versed in technical theater.

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Entertainment Technology and Design

The Entertainment Technology and Design program will prepare students to work in the design, production, and operation of entertainment systems and venues.

Graduate Programs

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Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering program combines knowledge of engineering sciences, life sciences, and medicine to prepare students to solve problems, undertake research, and design systems that will improve human health.

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The Cybersecurity program gives students more opportunities to specialize their strengths by exposing them to skills related to hardware and software aspects of cybersecurity and the managerial skills of risk management.

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Cybersecurity and Management Information Systems

The dual Cybersecurity and Management Information Systems program provides students with the skills, knowledge, and tools to become visionary and creative leaders in information technology or cybersecurity.

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Data Analytics

The Data Analytics program will assist students seeking to work in fields such as health care, social sciences, engineering, or business by equipping them with skills associated with computer programming, database technology, machine learning, and statistical techniques for data analysis in specific disciplines.

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Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

The Interdisciplinary Health Sciences program provides an innovative approach to healthcare research and responds to the growing demand from federal funding agencies for an interdisciplinary research approach to complex healthcare problems.

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The Neuroscience program provides research training and mentoring in one or more specific neuroscience areas, preparing students to pursue postdoctoral research and independent research careers in related fields.

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Water Resources

The Ph.D Water Resources program focuses on solving water-related challenges that transcend traditional academic boundaries by blending the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of water resources with public health and policy.

Doctor of Philosophy will be available in fall 2023.

Faculty and Staff

Are you interested in creating an interdisciplinary program?

Interdisciplinary programs are collaborative academic programs with curriculum and faculty from multiple schools or colleges. These programs are an increasingly important part of undergraduate and graduate education at UNLV.


The handbooks for graduate and undergraduate interdisciplinary programs outline the required processes and standards for interdisciplinary programs, including implementation processes, operations, support, and the memorandum of understanding content standards. Majors, minors, certificate programs, dual degree programs, and any other credentials for an interdisciplinary program must adhere to the requirements in the appropriate handbook.

Build an Interdisciplinary Program

For faculty and staff who are interested in learning how to build an interdisciplinary program, please contact: