The B.S. in Graphic Design & Media will prepare students for careers in design and creative visual media fields. The program’s rigorous sequenced curriculum emphasizes hands-on design practice, integrating the building of formal and technical skills with critical analysis, theory, and research. Students will learn the professional skills and competencies necessary to compete in the global marketplace for graphic arts, media and visual design.


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.S. in Graphic Design & Media, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate fluency in technology and state of the art software applications used in design professions.
  • Employ a workflow strategy appropriate to the technical and creative needs of a given context.
  • Analyze and critically respond to examples of design verbally and in written form.
  • Apply research to identify and focus design problems, in the context of a client and audience relationship.
  • Apply multiple ideation and analytical strategies throughout the design process.
  • Formulate original and appropriate design responses to observed conditions or cultural contexts.
  • Assemble a competitive portfolio of quality works of design and media appropriate to the student’s focus and career goals. The portfolio works will demonstrate a range of creative strategies and original solutions effective within identified design, communication, and social contexts.

Career Possibilities

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Communications Specialist, Publication Designer, Multimedia Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Advertising Designer, Motion Graphics Specialist, Animator, Concept Artist, Visual Marketing Director, Environmental Designer, UI Specialist, Brand Manager, Photo Imaging Specialist, Infographics Designer, Typographer, Illustrator.


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Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and Media


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