Executive Master of Health Care Administration

Our Executive Master of Health Care Administration degree facilitates the rapid advancement of current professionals in health care administration to serve in executive leadership roles with cross-functional responsibilities. With a largely online curriculum, the EMHA program allows students to meet their current professional demands while earning their advanced degree so that they can to become senior leaders in the health care industry.

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Learning Objectives

  • Summarize determinants and trends of population health and assess community leadership needs and implementation approaches for health care.
  • Describe the economic, legal, organizational, and political underpinnings of the dynamic US health system and impacts on health care administrators.
  • Apply the principles of economics, management, and strategic planning in health care organizations. (To develop leadership skills that are pragmatic for today's competitive health care environment).
  • Demonstrate adaptive leadership, communication, and relationship management skills for transforming a health care organization.
  • Apply finance, accounting, human resource, marketing, information technology, and leadership skills for successful administration of leading health care organizations.
  • Build upon professional ethics and behaviors acquired in mid-level management in preparation for a senior leadership role in health care.
  • Develop an innovative and entrepreneurial curiosity that allows you to create and execute patient-centric solutions to advance your organization’s brand within the community.
  • Establish or hone critical industry networks for cultivating your career in health care management.

Available Online

UNLV is unable to provide fully online education to students from certain states. Visit the State Compliance page for more information.


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