Two students sitting in front of a slot machine

Gaming Innovations

Where else but Las Vegas can a student see their idea turned into a real game in a casino? Offered every fall semester through the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, this course calls on students to produce new concepts for the gaming industry. Depending on the market viability of the games, students may be able to create a playable demo and even file a patent for their creation.

History of the Beatles

Fan of the Fab Four? In History of the Beatles, you’ll follow the group’s journey from Liverpool to their unequaled world popularity. The class features a mixture of videos, including the Beatles Anthology series, “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Help!,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Magical Mystery Tour,” and more.

Student rock climbing

Rock Climbing

Students in this class learn safety, proper use of climbing gear, climbing techniques, knots, belaying, basic lead climbing, anchor systems and conquering fear. Bonus: You can put your new skills to the test at one of the world’s top climbing destinations - the beautiful Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas.


If you have aspirations of starting the next viral true-crime podcast, you’ll want to take this class. Students will learn the practical application of gathering, editing, and producing audio news within the converged journalism and media environment.

Students working in a kitchen

Food and Beverage Culminating Experience

Seniors in the hospitality program can participate in this experience by creating and operating a pop-up restaurant called Bistro 410. Students are in charge of everything from the menu to the venue décor. The first part of the semester is spent researching cultures and cuisines, developing marketing plans, and crafting a menu with a featured entrée and specialty beverages.

Dogs, Cats and Other Beasts: Anthropology of Animals

If you’re an animal lover, this is the class for you. This course explores the connections between humans and other animals. Topics include animal domestication, cross-cultural treatment of pets, and the growing emotional and health benefits people derive from their dogs.

Students taking measurements at Valley of Fire

Archeological Field Practicum

Indulge your inner Indiana Jones. This course offers hands-on experience in the field methods used by archaeologists. Students learn basic survey and mapping techniques, artifact identification, field documentation, and laboratory methods. These skills are applied at several Mojave Desert sites in the Valley of Fire and areas around Las Vegas.

Aesthetics of Music and Wine

Does Mozart pair with Merlot? Find out in this class as each week, students evaluate how specific wine and music selections work together to establish a desired mood and ambience. The course features live musicians for in-classroom demonstrations. The first class of the semester begins with a welcome event that is deconstructed and analyzed by students throughout the semester. As a final project, students rebuild the event as a culminating experience.

Student collects fingerprints from of a drinking glass

Urban Adventure

This experiential, scenario-based class puts students right in the middle of the action to solve a metropolitan crime. Students enhance their interpersonal communication and critical thinking abilities, their leadership and collaboration skills, their capacity to interact with the media, their knowledge of the justice system, and ability to conduct a criminal investigation.

Wilderness Skills

Want to be the next Bear Grylls? This experientially-based course will get you started. The class covers the basics of hiking and camping in a desert environment. Students learn survival skills, water filtration, packing for desert temperatures, shelter set-up, meal preparation, emergency protocols, understanding flora and fauna, and Leave-No Trace principles.

Student working with sculpture

Entertainment Engineering and Design Seminar

What happens when you blend the expertise of an engineer with the creativity of an artist? Students in the entertainment engineering program learn about current trends and practices in the entertainment industry, gain scientific know-how, artistic sensibility, and the skills to tackle challenges in a variety of professional roles.

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