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Urban Affairs Undergraduate Advising Center

Supporting students from their first day in class to graduation day.

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About Us

The mission of academic advising at UNLV is to assist students by collaborating with them in identifying and pursuing their educational goals, providing accurate and timely information, and promoting student responsibility and accountability for their academic success. The Urban Affairs Advising Center was selected as the "Student's Choice" Academic Advising Center of the Year in 2017 and 2018. The college was selected by the results of a survey that was sent out to the entire UNLV student population. This survey was administered by the Rebel Voice Commission, an academic advising commission that is run out of the Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Retention, Progression, and Completion. The Urban Affairs Advising Center provides assistance for undergraduate students in the following academic disciplines: Department of Communication Studies, Department of Criminal Justice, School of Public Policy and Leadership, School of Journalism and Media Studies, School of Social Work, and the Brookings Public Policy Minor.

Academic Advisor Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain an interactive environment encouraging mutual trust and open communication.
  • Provide students with information and resources to promote academic progress.
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their academic success.
  • Stay informed of current and changing rules, regulations and program requirements.
  • Refer students to campus services relevant to their individual needs.
  • Collaborate with peers by participating in the exchange of ideas, information, and philosophies through professional development.

Advisee Responsibilities

  • Regularly schedule and keep academic advising appointments.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with your academic advisor regarding issues that affect your educational goals and academic performance.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with your academic advisor by arriving on time, being prepared for your appointments and calling if you need to reschedule.
  • Take responsibility for your academic success by utilizing the tools provided. Examples include undergraduate catalogues, degree sheets, college and university websites, and academic calendars.
  • Maintain a file with relevant academic materials and follow through with your academic advisor’s recommendations.

Advising Resources

Academic Advising has several tools to help you navigate your academic career at UNLV.
Access additional student and campus information.
View our list of frequently asked questions.

Contact Us

Appointments and Walk-Ins

Call the office to find out about walk-in advising hours.

You need an appointment for:
  • Meeting with an advisor to discuss course options
  • Applying for reinstatement to the university
  • Discussing graduation
  • Declaring a major/minor
  • Submitting prerequisite waivers
  • Completing financial aid appeals
  • Completing petitions

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Urban Affairs Advising Center
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mail Stop: 3051
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154


Campus Location

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Staff Members

Kamisha Johnson

Assistant Director of Advising
Office: GUA 4108
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009

Rimi Marwah, M.S.

Director of Advising
Office: GUA 4108
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009

Argie Mendoza

Academic Advisor
Office: GUA 4116
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009

Eric Michael

First-Year Academic Advisor
Office: GUA 4108
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009

Eric Morrow

Senior Academic Advisor
Office: GUA 4108
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009

Jennifer Ross

Admin Assistant III
Office: GUA 4110
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009

Anna Toma

Senior Academic Advisor
Office: GUA 4108
Mail Code: 3051
Phone: 702-895-1009