Peer Mentoring Program


For many first-year students, transitioning to life as a UNLV student is a huge challenge. Peer mentors know what that’s like, and they’re here to help!

Peer mentoring programs pair first-year students with a more experienced peer to help navigate the transition to UNLV. Peer mentors are role models who provide emotional support and validation, assist their mentees in navigating campus resources, and help their peers become more engaged in the UNLV community.

Peer mentoring is a campus-wide initiative designed to support first-year student success, with programs housed in each college/school that serves first-year undergraduate students, including the Academic Success Center.

What is Peer Mentoring?

Program Outcomes

Participating in peer mentoring programs will help first-year mentees:

  • Understand and utilize the campus resources UNLV has to offer
  • Create and make progress toward goals that matter to them
  • Enhance their feeling of connection and belonging at UNLV

Benefits of Peer Mentoring

Research suggests that peer mentoring can help students navigate college (Terrion & Leonard, 2007); feel greater connection to campus (Colvin & Ashman, 2010); and become more engaged and involved in their learning (Jacobi, 1991). That’s why we’re dedicated to developing robust, supportive mentoring programs: these are critical factors that affect student success, especially in a student’s first year of college.

In fact, participation in peer mentoring programs is often associated in the research with improved freshman retention rates (Colvin & Ashman, 2010; Terrion, Philion, & Leonard, 2007), a key metric in UNLV’s Top Tier student achievement goal. And according to the Gallup Organization, mentoring is one of six collegiate experiences that boosts students’ confidence that they will graduate well-equipped to begin productive, fulfilling careers (Crabtree, 2019).

Here’s what real UNLV students had to say about their experience with peer mentoring programs:

“I cannot tell you how many times I’ve messaged [my mentor] with question after question, and she has replied with enthusiasm and encouragement for every one. She has given me the courage to face college with my head held high and as prepared as possible for what lies in store.”
Morgan, First-Year Mentee
“My life has been enriched by important mentors who have, even if indirectly, pointed me in the direction of the path that I now walk. It is my hope... that I can continue to pass along the gift I have received from the mentors I’ve met along the way.”
Michael, Peer Mentor

Connect with a Mentor

If you are a current or prospective first-year student looking to connect with a mentor, please contact peermentor@unlv.edu to learn more about what your college has to offer.

Become a Mentor

The peer mentor role is an hourly-paid on-campus employment opportunity for currently-enrolled undergraduate students. Peer mentors also receive training to develop important leadership and communication skills, make meaningful connections with their peers, and use their knowledge and experience to impact the lives of new students. Interested in becoming a peer mentor? View a sample job description for the role.

Base pay for all peer mentors is $12/hour. Specific job responsibilities and schedules vary by program/college.

Additional Information

Have questions about peer mentoring programs at UNLV? Contact peermentor@unlv.edu.