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Peer Mentoring Program


For many first-year students, transitioning to life as a UNLV student is a huge challenge. Peer Mentors know what that’s like, and they’re here to help!

As part of your First Year Experience (FYE) you have the opportunity to connect with a peer mentor. Peer mentoring is a campus-wide initiative designed to support first-year student success. Peer mentors are also undergraduate students who can share their personal experiences and provide guidance and support. Peer mentoring programs pair first-year students with a more experienced peer to help them navigate the transition to UNLV. Peer mentors are role models who provide emotional support and validation, assist their mentees in navigating campus resources, and help mentees with goal development and achievement by providing guidance, support, and accountability.

There are Peer Mentor programs housed in each college and selected departments that serve first-year undergraduate students.

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Benefits of Peer Mentoring

Mentors provide a range of services to support students such as…

  • Connecting students with campus resources and departments
  • Creating personalized goals and developing actionable steps on how to reach them
  • Helping their peers become more engaged in the UNLV community

Here’s what real UNLV students had to say about their experience with peer mentoring programs:

“I cannot tell you how many times I’ve messaged [my mentor] with question after question, and she has replied with enthusiasm and encouragement for every one. She has given me the courage to face college with my head held high and as prepared as possible for what lies in store.”
Morgan, First-Year Mentee
“My life has been enriched by important mentors who have, even if indirectly, pointed me in the direction of the path that I now walk. It is my hope... that I can continue to pass along the gift I have received from the mentors I’ve met along the way.”
Michael, Peer Mentor

Connect with a Mentor

As a first-year student you will be introduced to peer mentors during Rebel Ready Week. Most colleges incorporate peer mentors into their first-year seminar classes, providing you with abundant opportunities to establish a valuable connection with your mentor throughout the academic year. If you are a current or prospective first-year student looking to connect with a mentor, please contact peermentor@unlv.edu.

Become a Mentor

The peer mentor role is an hourly-paid on-campus employment opportunity for currently enrolled undergraduate students. Peer mentors also receive training to develop important leadership and communication skills, make meaningful connections with their peers, and use their knowledge and experience to impact the lives of new students. Interested in becoming a peer mentor? Contact peermentor@unlv.edu.

Base pay for all peer mentors is $12/hour. Specific job responsibilities and schedules vary by program/college.

Additional Information

Have questions about peer mentoring programs at UNLV? Contact peermentor@unlv.edu.