General Education Requirements
General Education Core 18-21 semester credits
First-Year Seminar 2-3 credits
Second-Year Seminar 3 credits
English Composition 6 credits
Constitutions 4-6 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Humanities and Fine Arts satisfied by major requirements or 3 courses
Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking satisfied by major requirements or 3 courses
Social Sciences satisfied by major requirements or 3 courses
Multicultural and International 6 semester credits
Multicultural Course Requirement (3 credits)
International Course Requirement (3 credits)
Multicultural and international courses may simultaneously satisfy other General Education requirements. The 6 semester-credits may then overlap with rather than add to the total General Education credit requirements.
Milestone Experience Specific to Major
Culminating Experience Specific to Major

Students earning a second associate of arts, associate of science, associate of business, or baccalaureate degree, whose first degree is from an NSHE institution, are not required to repeat the System requirements for general education. As explained in the Constitutions section, evidence of completion of U.S. and Nevada Constitutions is required of all second baccalaureate degree students whose first degree is not from an NSHE institution.