The Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies (BSUS) is the degree for individuals desiring to make a difference in their community. The BSUS at UNLV is an undergraduate degree that provides students with the conceptual knowledge and technical skills they need to understand and analyze the physical, social, political and economic environment of large and small urban communities.

Urban Studies at UNLV will equip students with the skills and understanding to address many of the most pressing issues facing society today, and most of them are urban in nature. The curriculum will offer a set of core classes building a duel foundation of urban data analysis and community engagement. Because of the school’s belief in a multi-disciplinary approach to learning, Urban Studies students will develop a deeper grasp of specific aspects of the urban environment, including but not limited to economic development, sustainability, governance, or data analytics. Finally, and maybe most importantly, Urban Studies students will have the opportunity to apply skills to meeting community needs and solutions. Students, faculty, and graduates will work in public agencies and a wide range of community-based organizations in the Las Vegas metro region.

This program is available fully online as well as face-to-face.


For information regarding accreditation at UNLV, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing an undergraduate degree program in Urban Studies, a graduate will be able to:

  • Examine whether an organization or community meet multiple conditions of sustainability.
  • Characterize the roles of individuals and organizations in policy and governance.
  • Produce analyses that demonstrate information literacy and numeracy.
  • Communicate data needs and analyses to multiple audiences to support decision making processes.
  • Apply knowledge and skills required for successful collaboration.


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Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies


School of Public Policy and Leadership

The School of Public Policy and Leadership employs an interdisciplinary approach to create knowledge and understanding to support effective policy and governance through collaborations of faculty, students, and the greater community.


Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs is committed to creating contemporary solutions for resilient communities. Its academic programs focus on effective public policymaking, creating support structures to meet behavioral and mental health challenges, ensuring cities are safe and prepared to meet emergency situations, effective and ethical journalism, and interpersonal and public communication strategies.