At UNLV, some majors have articulated course work with programs from other NSHE institutions as well as have entered into agreements with other states. Most often, though, courses articulation at UNLV for transfer students is arrived at by way of a course-by-course articulation process. Articulation sheets and transfer course equivalency information can be found here:

  • Transferology is the most specific resource available prior to transferring to give students an idea of how credits may transfer—based on coursework that has been evaluated by UNLV in the past. Keep in mind that this resource is not official or comprehensive, although it is constantly being updated. To see how your coursework may transfer to UNLV, create a free account (you won’t be spammed!), enter your coursework, search for matches, and filter by state.

There are policies and processes to assist transfer students in successfully transitioning to UNLV. Some helpful links are as follows:

Articulation Worksheets

The worksheet is an advising tool used to help students plan out their first two years of course work. The NSHE Transfer Agreements, provide a year-by-year outline of courses that should be completed in order to stay on track for graduation.

Questions about Transferring?

Our Transition Advisors are happy to help!