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Communication Studies

The programs offered by the Department of Communication Studies are designed to create captivating communicators. By sharpening their verbal, nonverbal, written, and interpersonal skills, graduates become critical contributors and problem solvers to succeed in a wide range of fields.

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Criminal Justice

The programs offered by the Department of Criminal Justice explore the root causes and societal impacts of crime. Students receive a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice processes; correctional institutions; and the legal system.

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Journalism and Media Studies

The programs offered by the School of Journalism & Media Studies aim to build exceptional storytellers who can adapt to the ever changing media landscape. By focusing on areas such as broadcast and print journalism, marketing communication, and public relations, our students transform into effective professionals, objective researchers, and thoughtful scholars.

Vincent Nava working inside of a court room

Public Policy and Leadership

The programs offered by the School of Public Policy focus on the physical, social, political, and economic environment of large and small urban communities. Through mastering the key principles of public management and administration and the basic methods of researching and analyzing public policy issues, our alums are prepared to ignite change in their communities.

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Social Work

The programs offered by the School of Social Work prepare students to find jobs and build remarkable careers in a wide variety of service areas. Students learn the essential skills to help individuals, groups, neighborhoods and communities to cope, change, and solve problems in all facets of their daily lives. Our curriculum focuses on community organization, community partnerships, trauma-informed care, clinical direct practice, policy and legislative advocacy.