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Apr. 25, 2017

With limited options in Nevada for top-notch scientists, two UNLV grads welcome the high-tech jobs that the marijuana industry brought.

Apr. 25, 2017

College of Sciences Alumnus of the Year Theodore Garland has taught across the globe.

Apr. 25, 2017

The career of Lisa Danielson, the Graduate College Alumnua of the Year, took off like a rocket after UNLV.

Apr. 19, 2017

Junior microbiology major selected as a 2017 Goldwater Scholar.

Apr. 18, 2017

From professional reasons to personal connections, faculty across campus share why they’re fond of certain works they penned.


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The High Pressure Science and Engineering Center (HiPSEC) is supported by the DOE-NNSA Stewardship Science Academic Alliances. HiPSEC is based at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and is a multidisciplinary research group consisting of faculty, staff and students of the Physics and Astronomy , Geoscience, Chemistry and Engineering Departments.