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As the climate crisis pushes more and more people to rethink their relationship with the environment, electric vehicles are becoming one of the main products consumers can purchase to make a positive change.
Science Daily
Bacteria are literally everywhere -- in oceans, in soils, in extreme environments like hot springs, and even alongside and inside other organisms including humans. They're nearly invisible, yet they play a big role in almost every facet of life on Earth.
Market Scale
It is said that science is a mosaic of contributions from all over the world. Modern science has, however, been hailed as a product of Western civilization for centuries, with the narrative of its history centered around seventeenth-century European gentlemen, who distinguished themselves from the scholastic schoolmen of yore by seeking to uncover the laws of nature. This narrative has provided a powerful resource to explain the economic and political hegemony of Europe in the centuries to follow. But how accurate is the idea and notion of formulating science as a product of Western attitudes? And if that’s not the case, is it more incumbent than ever for the science community at large to help the world regard science as a global enterprise?

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Mar. 20, 2023
Second-year Ph.D. student Hossein Madhani (Life Sciences) received a $5,800 EECG Research Award from the American Genetic Association. The EECG program funds highly competitive proposals from graduate students or postdocs that address genome-scale questions, or ecological, evolutionary, and…
Mar. 9, 2023
Ph.D. student Hannah Patenaude (Radiochemistry) and fellow of the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), recently published a technical paper on the history of the Los Alamos Plutonium Fast Reactor, Clementine. The article was published in the online journal Nuclear…

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Headshot of Stan Smith
Professor Emeritus

An expert on desert ecology and climate change.

Headshot of Michael Pravica
Professor, Physics

A physics professor, whose specialties include high pressure science, explosives, and high radiation flux.

Headshot of Mary Blankenship
Graduate Student Researcher, Brookings Mountain West

An expert on social media misinformation/disinformation, and combating online propaganda.


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