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  • College of Sciences Alumna of the Year

    Amy Brock-Hon is the 2016 College of Sciences Alumna of the Year. She is an associate professor of geology and associate department head at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Learn more about how she ended up at UNLV, the family environment in the Department of Geoscience, and her favorite brewery in Chattanooga (owned and operated by a fellow UNLV geology alumna).

  • Transit of Mercury

    From experts in our astronomy department: Here's what you need to know about the rare celestial event that took place on May 9.

  • The Last Supper?

    Super-Earths might have cleaned the inner regions of the solar system and then been swallowed by the sun.

  • Shaking on the Fault Lines

    UNLV geoscientist Wanda Taylor and her graduate class were recently featured on the Vegas PBS series Outdoor Nevada. Taylor and her students joined host John Burke to investigate earthquake fault lines in the California Wash Reservoir.

  • The Doctor Is All In

    Dr. Tony Alamo’s wildly varied career started with a simple realization: He’d misdiagnosed UNLV.


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