Research in the College of Sciences is performed by faculty from four departments, one school, and one institute. Interdisciplinary research often crosses departmental boundaries, as evidenced by the following overview of research excellence themes in the College of Sciences.

Research Excellence Areas

Research in the College of Sciences allows students and faculty to make scientific discoveries that help to protect and preserve Nevada and its citizens.

Research Centers

The College of Sciences has partnerships and access to research centers and institutes around the country. Learn more about the college’s involvement with specific research centers.

Facilities & Laboratories

The College of Sciences boasts a wide variety of facilities on and off campus that provide students with resources and environments necessary for academic success. Get better acquainted with the facilities and laboratories available to science students.

Intramural Funding Opportunities for Faculty

College of Sciences faculty can apply for funding through two new initiatives: the Faculty Opportunity Awards and the Research Fund for Innovation and Development.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program cultivates and supports research partnerships and invites undergraduates to work as the junior colleagues of faculty in each phase of standard research activity.

Naturally Occurring Asbestos Research

UNLV researchers Brenda Buck, Rod Metcalf, and others published an article in the Soil Science Society of America Journal related to naturally occurring asbestos in Boulder City, southeast Henderson, and surrounding regions. Naturally occurring asbestos refers to asbestos found as a natural component of rocks and soils. Learn more about the study.