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Join us as we step into the lab with the UNLV College of Sciences best researchers in Virtual Lab Notes. Top faculty, researchers, and scientists in the UNLV College of Sciences will take some time each month to present their award-winning research to the community. Virtual Lab Notes is designed to engage with the community-at-large and present College of Sciences faculty members as experts in the various sciences taught at UNLV. Topics discussed will include everything from biology to chemistry, physics to astronomy, geology, and even math!

This Month's Talk: Wednesday, July 29 at Noon

Virtual Speaker: Dr. Ernesto Abel-Santos, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

While in the midst of a global pandemic, one of the most oft-asked questions is, “how can we treat this disease?” and “when will there be a vaccine available?” We may not know when a vaccine will be ready to administer on a global level, however, the study of other infectious diseases, and their treatments, can give us an insight into what a treatment could like look like and how, in the meantime, we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and slow the rate of infection. Join the UNLV College of Sciences as we present Virtual Lab Notes with biochemist Ernesto Abel-Santos, whose work focuses on curing and preventing infectious disease.



Cory Nelson

Director of Development
College of Sciences