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Join us as we step into the lab with the UNLV College of Sciences best researchers in Virtual Lab Notes. Top faculty, researchers, and scientists in the UNLV College of Sciences will take some time each month to present their award-winning research to the community. Virtual Lab Notes is designed to engage with the community-at-large and present College of Sciences faculty members as experts in the various sciences taught at UNLV. Topics discussed will include everything from biology to chemistry, physics to astronomy, geology, and even math!


Virtual Speaker: Boo Shan Tseng, assistant professor in the School of Life Sciences, will be the featured speaker at an upcoming Virtual Lab Notes. Her talk is titled, "Understanding Bacterial Communities and Their Effect on Humans."

Many of the bacteria we come into contact with on a day-to-day basis resides in bacterial communities called biofilms. These bacterial communities play a significant role in our ecosystem and impact humans in industrial production, agriculture, and medicine in both beneficial and detrimental ways. Tseng will share with us why understanding biofilms is an important part of understanding the larger world we live in.


Cory Nelson

Director of Development
College of Sciences