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Join us as we step into the lab with the UNLV College of Sciences best researchers in Virtual Lab Notes. Top faculty, researchers, and scientists in the UNLV College of Sciences will take some time each month to present their award-winning research to the community. Virtual Lab Notes is designed to engage with the community-at-large and present College of Sciences faculty members as experts in the various sciences taught at UNLV. Topics discussed will include everything from biology to chemistry, physics to astronomy, geology, and even math!


Virtual Speaker: Cory Rusinek, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will be the featured speaker at an upcoming Virtual Lab Notes. His talk is titled, "Electrochemistry is Everywhere."

Electrochemical cells play a significant role in everyday life. This role is ever expanding in many areas – electric cars, solar cells, space exploration, nuclear energy, and water disinfection are just a few. To highlight this, the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry was actually awarded to the three electrochemists who executed the foundational work for the lithium-ion battery. This presentation will give a broad overview of electrochemical technologies as they pertain to three essential areas – energy, environment, and health. With respect to energy, utilization in batteries, solar, and nuclear will all be discussed. For environment and health, electrolysis cells, sensors, and some household applications will all be shown. Lastly, the electrochemist’s part to play in space exploration will be investigated. In general, attendees will walk away from this presentation with a greater understanding and appreciation for electrochemistry in modern society.


Cory Nelson

Director of Development
College of Sciences