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Join us as we step into the lab with the UNLV College of Sciences best researchers in Virtual Lab Notes. Top faculty, researchers, and scientists in the UNLV College of Sciences will take some time each month to present their award-winning research to the community. Virtual Lab Notes is designed to engage with the community-at-large and present College of Sciences faculty members as experts in the various sciences taught at UNLV. Topics discussed will include everything from biology to chemistry, physics to astronomy, geology, and even math!


Virtual Speaker: Edwin Oh, associate professor, Neurogenetics and Precision Medicine Lab, UNLV School of Medicine, and faculty member in the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine will be the featured speaker at an upcoming Virtual Lab Notes. His talk is titled, "Getting Dirty: Using Wastewater to Understand the Spread of Human Disease."

What if I told you that we could have avoided 300,000 infections and over 5,000 deaths from COVID-19 in Nevada? Or, perhaps, what if I told you that we did not have to lose $18.3 billion in gaming revenue in 2020 or face the highest unemployment rate in the country? Join us to learn more about how the Oh Lab of Neurogenetics and Precision Medicine has been developing new genomic tools to understand human diseases and to prevent major global pandemics from wreaking the havoc that we experienced in 2020. Using wastewater and diagnostic samples, the group has been able to show that SARS-CoV-2 counts and new viral variants can be detected early from wastewater samples collected from locations that include dormitories, sororities, homeless shelters, and major wastewater collection sites. Such tools can be used to provide early warning in the event of a biological attack such as an infectious disease.


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