Accomplishments: College of Sciences

January 10, 2020
Eduardo Robleto (Life Sciences) is the new program director INBRE program. His responsibilities are to oversee the INBRE-sponsored faculty research and undergraduate research components of the grant, which covers all NSHE institutions in Nevada. The annual direct budget he will manage directly is approximately $400,000.  Nevada INBRE is part of the IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence, and is a National Institutes of Health program designed to help traditionally underfunded states...
December 20, 2019
Kelly Tseng (Life Sciences) was an invited speaker at the 2019 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Anaheim, California. Her talk, "A Lot of Nerve! Evolutionary Mechanisms of Neural Regeneration," presented her laboratory group's recent research studies on vertebrate eye regeneration. 
December 12, 2019
Elizabeth Stacy (Life Sciences) and collaborators Michael Purugganan and Jae Young Choi (New York University) published a paper in Molecular Biology and Evolution, "Divergent Selection and Primary Gene Flow Shape Incipient Speciation of a Riparian Tree on Hawaii Island."  This work uses population genomics approaches to uncover the evolutionary history of a tree endemic to the rivers on east Hawaii Island and concludes that this taxon is a rare example of incipient sympatric speciation in trees...
December 11, 2019
Cindy Kha, Dylan Guerin, and Kelly Tseng (Life Sciences) published a book chapter, "Studying In Vivo Retinal Progenitor Cell Proliferation in Xenopus laevis" in Retinal Development: Methods and Protocols." This is part of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology book series published since 1983. The work from Kha, Guerin, and Tseng describes a novel system for generating new retinal stem cells to repair eye injuries in an animal model. Kha (a recipient of UNLV Summer Doctoral research...
December 10, 2019
Jason Steffen (Physics and Astronomy) was recognized as a 2019 "Highly Cited Researcher" by the Web of Science.  This places him, by citations, in the top one percent of his field over the decade 2008 through 2018.  Most of these citations come from his work in exoplanets, especially in conjunction with NASA's Kepler mission.  Steffen is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  He was one of only two NSHE faculty to achieve this designation—the second being Jennifer...
December 9, 2019
Jenna Heath (Liberal Arts) and Kathryn Raffety (Life Sciences) recently received fall 2019 Academic Assessment Mini-Grants through the office of academic assessment. Health and the College of Liberal Arts received the award for “College of Liberal Arts Student Success Through Service Learning Pilot Project,” an ambitious, faculty-driven service-learning project that builds on an existing service-learning program fostering academic and professional development through community engagement, and...
December 6, 2019
Art Gelis (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and his work as part of the team that developed and patented the ALSEP Process (Actinide Lanthanide Separation Process) are featured in a story published recently by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The article highlights the successful tests of the ALSEP process that eventually will lead to implementation in an industrial setting to simplify nuclear waste reprocessing. Gelis is director of UNLV's radiochemistry program.
November 27, 2019
Sheniz Moonie, Brian Labus (both Environmental and Occupational Health), and Dr. Rebecca Scherr (Medicine), along with Julia Anderson, '19 PhD Public Health, and former faculty member Mary Beth Hogan (now of Marshall University) recently published an article on "Chronic Inflammatory Disease Cost: The Impact of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in Nevada" in the Journal of Digestive Diseases.  This study seeks to fill this gap by comparing the cost of eosinophilic esophagitis to other well‐known...
November 18, 2019
Chao-Chin Yang, Zhaohuan Zhu, Stephen Lepp, and Xiao Hu (all Physics and Astronomy) just were awarded a $474,315 research grant by NASA through the Astrophysics Theory Program. They will conduct state-of-the-art computer simulations to model a circumstellar disk around a young star and study the dust-gas dynamics in the disk. The investigation will help us understand the variety of morphological features such as rings and gaps in nearby circumstellar disks detected recently by high-resolution,...
November 18, 2019
Jason Park (Math) has had his research published in the International Journal of Statistics and Probability. The article is "Random Measure Algebras under O-dot Product and Morse-Transue Integral Convolution."
November 14, 2019
Jason Park (Math) presented a talk at the fall western sectional meeting of the American Mathematical Society. The meeting was held at the University of California, Riverside earlier this month. The topic was "Algebra of Random Measures."
November 8, 2019
Mary Blankenship (Chemistry and Economics) recently was featured as a guest columnist in the Las Vegas Sun. In her piece, Blankenship discusses what Nevada can do to incentivize renewable energy. The piece was originally published Oct. 26. She is an undergraduate student pursuing two majors, chemistry and economics. She also is a Brookings public policy minor.