Accomplishments: College of Sciences

March 27, 2020
Several faculty and staff members recently were recognized by the College of Sciences with the following awards: Distinguished Classified Staff Award Rychelle Tomlin, College of Sciences   Distinguished Professional Staff Award Martha Schumacher, College of Sciences   Distinguished Researcher Award Balakrishnan Naduvalath, Chemistry and Biochemistry   Distinguished Teaching Award Wanda Taylor, Geoscience   Distinguished Service Award Helen Wing, Life Sciences
March 26, 2020
Art Gelis (Chemistry) has been recognized for his article, "Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle with a Simplified Minor Actinide Lanthanide Separation Process (ALSEP) and Additive Manufacturing," which was among the top 20 downloaded chemistry papers for Scientific Reports in 2019. The recognition carries the designation of Top 100 in Chemistry in Nature Research. The paper was downloaded 2,717 times. Scientific Reports published more than 688 chemistry papers in 2019.
March 25, 2020
Laurel Raftery (Life Sciences), along with Juan Carlos Duhart, '18 PhD Biology, authored a paper just published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. "Mob Family Proteins: Regulatory Partners in Hippo and Hippo-Like Intracellular Signaling Pathways" is adapted from Duhart's doctoral dissertation. He is now a post-doctoral fellow in the department of neuroscience at Jefferson University.
March 20, 2020
Francisco Valenzuela (Life Sciences) a senior biology pre-professional student, recently was awarded the 2020 Student Service Award from the UNLV office of community engagement. Among other activities, Valenzuela's service includes organizing a sock and underwear drive for The Shade Tree, a shelter for homeless and abused women and children in crisis; establishing a partnership and program with the Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas; serving as the humanitarian chair of the UNLV Predental Society...
March 19, 2020
Helen J. Wing and Joy McKenna (both Life Sciences) have published a primary research article, "The Anti-Activator of Type III Secretion, OspD1, is Transcriptionally Regulated by VirB and H-NS from Remote Sequences in Shigella Flexneri," in a recent edition of the Journal of Bacteriology (ASM Journal). Their work reveals that transcriptional control of virulence genes in the human pathogen Shigella flexneri can occur from remotely located DNA sites. Their findings raise the possibility that long...
March 18, 2020
Cornelia Fanter (Life Sciences) received a coveted National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology. Fanter is working with assistant professor Allyson Hindle and her proposal was titled, "What Makes a Mammalian Hibernator? Evaluating the Evolution and Mechanisms of Metabolic Depression as an Ancestral Trait." She was funded through the Rules of Life mechanism.
March 12, 2020
Satish C. Bhatnagar (Mathematical Sciences) judged mathematics and computer science projects that local high school students entered in the Beal Bank USA Southern Nevada Regional Science & Engineering Fair hosted by the College of Sciences this month. 
March 12, 2020
Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Chris Heavey congratulates faculty who have received tenure commencing July 1. The tenure recommendations were approved at the Board of Regents meeting on March 5. Those faculty are: Scott Abella, College of Sciences Stephen Benning, College of Liberal Arts Maile Chapman, College of Liberal Arts Lung-Wen Antony Chen, School of Public Health Chih-Chien Chen, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality Kate Hamilton, College of Fine...
March 11, 2020
The CSUN Faculty Achievement Award recognizes faculty members for outstanding dedication to students through advising, classroom instruction, mentorship, or special events. Those receiving the award in 2020 are: William Ramsey, College of Liberal Arts, department of philosophy Caitlin Saladino, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West Francisco Menendez, College of Fine Arts, department of film Yingtao Jiang, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering...
March 2, 2020
Satish Bhatnagar (Math) chaired a creativity panel and also presented a paper, "Mathematical Foundations of My Creative Writings," during the 32nd annual conference of the Far West Popular Culture Association held in the Palace Station Hotel and Casino last month. Felicia Campbell (English) is its founder and organizer. The paper is posted on Facebook.
February 24, 2020
Bing Zhang (Physics and Astronomy) is the author of the book Physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts, which is one of four books selected for the 2020 Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE) Awards in the Cosmology and Astronomy category. The PROSE awards honor scholarly works published in 2019. There were a total of 157 finalists across 49 subject categories.  Since 1976, the Association of American Publishers’ annual PROSE Awards have recognized publishers who produce books, journals, and digital...
February 21, 2020
Elizabeth Stacy (Life Sciences) and a large team of evolutionary biologists led by Rosemary Gillespie (University of California Berkeley) published a review article, Comparing Adaptive Radiations Across Space, Time, and Taxa in the Journal of Heredity.  This paper reviews adaptive radiations across the globe to uncover commonalities and contrasts and to identify priorities for future research.  The results provide insights into the external (environment) and internal (genetic) conditions that...