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A group of five fifth graders partake in an experiment during UNLV's Rebel Science Camp.
Mar. 3, 2020

Nearly 550 local fifth graders to attend UNLV’s Rebel Science Camp in 2020.

chalk drawing of human body with intestinal tract
Feb. 12, 2020

New UNLV study shows promise for role of a high-carb, low-protein, and low-fat diet in fighting off C. diff infections.

Feb. 12, 2020

Addison Guida is determined to provide the same level of commitment to her future patients as she received from her own doctors.

Matthew Lachniet stands in the midst of a cave in Guatemala with speleothems surrounding him.
Feb. 5, 2020

New UNLV research provides context for climate history of Guatemalan rainforests.

doctor in hospital hallway
Feb. 5, 2020

UNLV School of Medicine's residency/fellowship programs helping to expand specialty care in Nevada.


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