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two women working in research lab
Dec. 3, 2021

Program helps get undergraduates back into UNLV's labs and centers and working alongside faculty mentors.

Dec. 3, 2021

An immigrant herself, Aziza Dhalai says she remembers how scary it can be to arrive in a new country.

Nov. 15, 2021

New mineral from Earth’s lower mantle surfaced as diamond inclusion; study led by UNLV geochemist Oliver Tschauner.

Nov. 4, 2021

A collection of news stories featuring stargazing and change at UNLV.

artist conception of fast radio burst being captured by large telescope
Oct. 13, 2021

A flurry of more than 1,650 FRBs detected by FAST telescope over 47 days in 2019 unlocks clues to the nature and location of the powerful millisecond-long cosmic radio explosions.


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