Experts: College of Sciences

An expert in biochemistry.
An expert in ecology, fire management, and U.S. National Parks.
An expert in climate resilience and sustainability.  
Nora Caberoy is an expert on eye diseases, specifically the factors and pathways associated with damage of the retina. 
An expert in Mars geochemistry, astrobiology, water-rock interactions, and snow dynamics.
Brian Hedlund in an expert in microbial ecology at high temperatures, biofuels and genomics. 
Lachniet is an expert in paleoclimatology, quaternary geology, climate change and stable isotope geochemistry.
A physics professor, whose specialties include high pressure science, explosives, and high radiation flux.
An expert in geology, paleoecology, paleontology, and the history of geology.
An expert on desert ecology and climate change.
An expert in astronomy, dark matter, and general physics.
An expert in earthquakes, structural geology, tectonics, and neotectonics.