Carla Cermenaro

Continuing Education Coordinator
Carla's Headshot
Office: BHS 518
Phone: 702-895-3527

Eden Cheung

Director of Development
updated headshot of Eden Cheung
Office: BHS 522
Mail Code: 3018

Lisa Escher

Administrative Assistant IV, Office of Research Support
Lisa Escher Headshot
Office: BHS 100
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-3105

Nancy Esposito, M.S.

Graduate Engagement and Retention Coordinator
Esposito, N. Headshot
Office: BHS 447
Mail Code: 3038
Phone: 702-895-3812

Elizabeth Gaccione

Student Success Facilitator
Liz Headshot
Office: BHS 430
Phone: 702-895-2443

Joe Gaccione

Associate Director of Communications
A man in a suit smiling.
Office: BHS 516
Phone: 702-895-5022

Elizabeth Gardner

Student Services Director
Elizabeth Gardner
Office: BHS 422
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-5923

Jacob Kippen

Administrative Assistant III
Jacob Kippen Headshot
Office: BHS 421
Phone: 702-895-3023