Program Directors

Alona Angosta, Ph.D., APRN, FNP, NP-C, FAAN

Associate Professor, Director – Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program

Alona Angosta
Office: BHS 402
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-1218
Fax: 702-895-4807

Paul Thomas Clements, Ph.D., RN, ANEF, DF-IAFN, CGS

Professor in Residence; Director – Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program

Paul Thomas Clements, Ph.D., RN, DF-IAFN, CGS
Phone: 828-654-0006

Catherine Dingley, Ph.D., RN, FNP, FAAN

Associate Professor; Director - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nursing Degree Program

Catherine Dingley
Office: BHS 462
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-4062
Fax: 702-895-4807

Mitzy Flores, MSN, RN, CHSE, COI

Director of Continuing Education

Mitzy Flores
Office: BHS 355
Phone: 702-895-5861

Dr. Leland Rockstraw, Ph.D., MSN, MSA, RN

Professor-in-Residence; Director of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas

Dr. Leland Rockstraw
Office: Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas - 105D
Phone: 702-744-2151

Angela Silvestri-Elmore, Ph.D., APRN, FNP-BC, CNE

Assistant Professor

Angela Silvestri-Elmore
Office: BHS 428
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-1229