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Undergraduate Studies

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Traditional BSN

The School of Nursing’s undergraduate nursing program has patient-centered care at the core of the curriculum. The program is intense and demanding. Students must complete all prerequisite courses before taking the nursing courses, which are offered during three consecutive 15-week semesters. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing prepares students for entry level nursing practice, as well as future graduate study.

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RN-BSN - On Hold

The Degree Completion (RN to BSN) track is for individuals who are working as registered nurses and want to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Course work can be completed within 1 year of full-time study. Upper division course credit is offered via transcript evaluation from an applicant’s Associate Degree in Nursing program. Within this track, the student has the option of completing 9 credit hours at the graduate level which allows the RN-BSN student to have an accelerated option in our graduate program should they decide to apply to our graduate program after completing the RN-BSN track. Start of program contingent upon class size.

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Accelerated Second Degree Bachelor in Nursing

The Accelerated online Bachelor's to BSN track offers the quickest route to licensure as an RN for adult second-degree students who hold a completed bachelor's or graduate degree in a non-nursing discipline. The accelerated 2nd Bach Track option will accomplish programmatic objectives in about 13 months by building on the admitted student's previous learning experiences. The instruction is intense. Courses are offered full-time with minimal to no breaks between the approximate 1.25 credits per week modules (courses). Students receive the same number of clinical hours as their counterparts in the traditional BSN entry-level nursing track; however, these hours are one-to-one precepted clinical hours, arranged by UNLV SON, for all clinical rotations. Start of program contingent upon class size.

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