Tarryn McGhie

Tarryn McGhie, Ph.D.

Senior Instructional Designer

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Tarryn is a Senior Instructional Designer in the School of Nursing. In this position, he employs a multicultural approach to assist Faculty with the development of online and hybrid courses so they mirror the learning experiences students would receive in a face-to-face course. Additionally, he is the project manager for several tasks in collaboration with campus partners that are interested in creating an online presence. 

Additionally, Tarryn has taught at UNLV since 2009 in the Department of Teaching and Learning, the Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education, and the Department of Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies. His approach to teaching focuses on activism using language and culture as a base for dialogue and how each influences social norms, perceptions, and stereotypes, especially in media, film, and print

Tarryn’s research is focused on improving the academic trajectory of children and families from high needs communities through the examination of race, class, and literacy development in relation to the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Tarryn is also heavily involved in campus-wide and community-based work that focuses on creating and sustaining—through extensive outreach—campus-community partnerships in order to leverage resources that benefit underserved community members while providing higher education students with additional learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.