• Research opportunities available to School of Nursing students and faculty allow them to make inquiries and observations necessary for discoveries that advance the field of health and health education. 

  • The School of Nursing promotes, improves, and sustains human health through evidence-based education and advances in research and practice. 

  • The lab provides access to instruments, self and full services, training as well as technical consultation for animal, tissue- and cell-based, and molecular biological research. 

  • The Office of Research and Scholarship assists faculty and staff within the Schools of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences during the pre-award grant submission process and post-award management.

  • Our mission is to advance research activities from the bench to the bedside in order to make these useful for real-world application toward improving human health and well-being.

  • Faculty members within the School of Nursing pursue research studies that pertain to multiple aspects of the military.