Simulation Center Tour

The Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas (CSCLV) is a 31,000 square-foot educational facility located on University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Shadow Lane Campus. Students from University of Nevada, Las Vegas - School of Nursing learn and practice their skills using low and high fidelity manikins, standardized patient interactions, simulations, and surgical labs.

 alt="Two nurse students attending to a patient"

The Simulation Center has five high-fidelity simulation rooms that recreate a specific hospital environment such as an emergency department and a delivery room.

 alt="A nursing student"

Using high-tech manikins, nursing students take vital signs and practice professional communication, team management, task performance and decision making.

 alt="Faculty members gathering around a patient"

Through a two-way mirror, faculty and staff monitor student performance and can alter the patient’s symptoms and behavior to make situations simulate real life, such as an allergic reaction or giving birth, as shown in this photo.

 alt="Students in a classroom"

Sessions are recorded and played back for student discussion and valuable learning experiences.

 alt="Nursing students gathering around a faculty member"

The center is a unique collaboration among the nursing schools at UNLV and Nevada State College and the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Future nurses and doctors train alongside each other, making simulations all the more realistic.

 alt="A nursing faculty member"
Our nursing faculty develops innovative research on how to incorporate simulation technology into the nursing curriculum. Educational Director Jessica Doolen, pictured here, has done extensive research on the subject and serves as the School of Nursing skills lab coordinator.