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UNLV President Keith Whitfield opens up about what the university has been like during the months following a shooting on campus. He shares details on the Rebel Recovery Program and how university leaders are addressing campus safety and the mental health of everyone affected by the tragedy.

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The Senate passed a bill reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration’s authority over the country’s vast aviation system, which comes as the agency is facing pressure to ramp up its safety oversight and procedures after a series of close calls on runways, high-profile incidents involving Boeing jets and a shortage of air traffic controllers.

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"Is Taiwan an independent country?" Taiwan has its own citizens, government, and diplomatic allies. However, due to territorial ownership issues with China, it has been difficult to participate in international activities and organizations, and it is difficult to call itself a "country" to the outside world. In any case, behind every yes or no answer, the threat from China across the Taiwan Strait will be more or less taken into consideration, affecting Taiwanese people and the future of this island.

Frank Sinatra was certainly a driving force in the progress toward equality in Las Vegas. But contrary to a popular myth, the singer didn’t end the shameful legacy of segregation on the Strip. It took political action to do that. Around 1955, Sinatra refused to perform with the Rat Pack at the Sands unless the casino hotel allowed group member Sammy Davis Jr. to also stay there. In response, Davis was given his own suite.

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We honor our moms on Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday. The history of that day is interesting. A few years after it was founded in 1908, the woman who started it all wanted it eliminated. Instead of a rallying cry for moms, she was angered that it had been commercialized by greeting card, flower and candy industries. Today, no one protests Mother’s Day. But as the social status of women has grown, women are still trying to attain equal status in the workplace, in wages, politics and more.

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Two multibillion-dollar resorts — both with arenas that would be capable of hosting a National Basketball Association team — are in the works for Southern Nevada. They leave the public wondering: Are both of them financially viable projects? Which would be more capable of hosting the fourth of the four Las Vegas-based major-league sports teams? If it’s a race, who wins? And is there a dark-horse rival lurking?

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COVID-19 is still a concern nationwide. And now, two new variants are showing up here in the valley. Scientists have nicknamed the new variants FLIRT after their mutations.

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For two years, two feuding families filed document after document, extending a contentious custody battle over allegations of substance abuse, threatening messages and “scorched earth” litigation.