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Children of all ages are frolicking around a splash pad at Sunset Park chucking small water balloons at each other. Their parents are sitting beneath the shade of nearby trees. It’s a sweltering 110-degree day in Las Vegas — and dangerously hotter on the park’s many surfaces.


We’re joined by mosquito and disease expert Dr. Louisa Messenger of the Las Vegas PARAVEC lab. It turns out that gators and snakes aren’t the big danger in a swamp. And this monster isn’t constrained to swamps. In fact, it’s probably in your own backyard.

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There's a reason passengers might hear a “barking” noise during a long flight – and it’s got nothing to do with dogs. During a flight an aeroplane might make various strange noises which might unsettle nervous fliers but invariably they are nothing to worry about.

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Christine Cloud never thought her life would end up like this. At age 63, she's been forced to move back home to live with her 83-year-old widower father. "I can't afford to pay rent on my own, and he can't afford to make his house payment on his own," she says.

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For many U.S. states that consistently vote red or blue in presidential elections, the outcome is no surprise. But for some states, the electoral votes remain very much up for grabs.

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For Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, a brain health researcher and professor at UNLV, this is an exciting time in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Federal health advisers in May voted to back an Alzheimer’s drug from Eli Lilly and Co. that can slow the progression of cognitive decline and memory problems. On Tuesday morning the drug — donanemab — gained final approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, making it the second Alzheimer’s drug that slows cognitive decline cleared for use in the United States.

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The future of intercity travel between Las Vegas and Southern California just got a vividly clearer timeline. With a recent groundbreaking in April, News 3 LV reported that Brightline West is aiming to be operational in time for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. This high-speed rail project promises to transform the 218-mile journey into a mere two-hour trip, a game-changing endeavor for a region synonymous with both tourism and traffic.


Many might feel scared to fly following recent incidents of severe turbulence, including on an Air Europa flight Monday that injured 30 people, but experts have assured Newsweek larger planes can handle the extreme conditions.