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Executive Director of both Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West David Damore first discusses the results of Nevada’s Primary Election and the biggest takeaways from former President Trump’s Sunset Park rally. Then we discuss the opening of the Silver Copper Crossing Bridge and where other major infrastructure projects in Nevada are at.


From tossing baseballs to firing up the barbecue grill, many Americans associate the month of June with Father’s Day and celebrating the start of summer with their dads. June is also Men’s Health Month, and Brandon Eddy — a professor and researcher with UNLV’s Couple and Family Therapy Program — says all that quality time doesn’t just strengthen relationships, it’s also great for mental wellness.

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Daily fantasy sports is all about finding overlooked value. Whether it’s banking on a player’s hot streak or believing a scrappy team is this year’s Cinderella, sports fans bet they can capitalize on their knowledge and intuition.


Most teenagers would rather crawl under a hole than listen to their dad give them a shout-out in a public announcement. But one 18-year-old appeared not to mind it so much on a flight to a Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert while traveling with her dad, who happened to be the pilot on board and a "Swiftie," the collective name for Swift's fans.


To minimize the use of plastic as a single-use packaging, alternatively, if you have to use a plastic bag, a rubber bag can be an alternative if you are stuck. Indeed, it is better to accommodate frozen food or stored in a refrigerator with an air-tight food container. But so that you can store a lot of piles, you can use the plastic bag bank used many times. However, microbiologists suggest the following.

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The primary elections are over and it looks like predictions for the U.S. Senate race, Las Vegas mayor and city council were spot on. Senator Jacky Rosen will face Republican Sam Brown in November. There were no surprises in the races for Congress. Shelley Berkeley will face Victoria Seaman for Las Vegas mayor; and two Las Vegas city council seats were likely won outright by incumbents Brian Knudsen and Olivia Diaz.

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Nevada is the only state with legal prostitution — but only in certain counties. So why doesn’t Clark County, home to Sin City, have legal brothels? With prostitution arrests in the news again, we’re bringing back a conversation co-host Dayvid Figler had with UNLV sociology professor Barb Brents. They talk about why Clark County has held out against both decriminalizing prostitution and legalizing brothels, and what it would take to change those policies.

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When I think of the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, the first word that used to come to my mind was ladders. Ladders everywhere. In 2004, I remember walking through the casinos and seeing ladders everywhere as casino employees took down screens and TV sets because the NFL had declared that there was size limit for the type of screen on which you could show the Super Bowl. No one at that time could imagine the same city would one day host the Super Bowl.