Dan Lee

Associate Professor of Political Science
Expertise: American Politics, Congressional Politics, Elections, Political Parties


Dan Lee is an expert on American politics, congressional politics, elections, and political parties. Recent and ongoing research projects assess various aspects of the American party system, such as the impact of third parties and the dynamics of issue change in Congress.

His research has appeared in Political Research Quarterly, Public Choice, Party Politics, American Politics Research, Comparative Political Studies, and Political Science Research and Methods.


  • Ph.D., Political Science, Duke University
  • B.S., Economics and Political Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Las Vegas Review-Journal En Español
Text message exchanges between two of Nevada's Republican voters who signed fake election certificates declaring President Donald Trump the winner in 2020 reveal a roller coaster of emotions.
Las Vegas Review Journal
Text exchanges between two of Nevada’s Republican electors who signed fake electoral certificates declaring President Donald Trump the winner in 2020 reveal a roller coaster of emotions.
The bad news for Southwest Airlines is that the company’s meltdown this week because of severe winter storms is not its first crisis. Earlier corporate emergencies included its cancelation of more than 1,800 flights over one weekend in 2021; a passenger who died after being partially sucked out of a window at 30,000 feet when an engine ruptured in 2018; and a technology failure that rendered the company’s computer system inoperable for several hours in 2016.
Mother Jones
It’s the system to “save America,” to some experts. To Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, it’s a “scam.” The ever-so-eloquent wordsmith Donald Trump called it “crap voting” and a “total rigged deal.” Its backers see it as a path back to political diversity. So do its opponents. None of them are right. It’s ranked-choice voting, Alaska-style.

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